Saturday, December 25, 2010

That time of year

Just sending a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas out to everyone!
I hope you get to enjoy some downtime, and all the best for the new year.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just to let you know...

Hey I have a new post up on my other blog.

I apologize for the lack of entertainment on this lately, but that should be fixed soon, when school is done for the break.
A little celebratory nod to myself though, I'm getting an article that I wrote for Calgary's Child Magazine on the front page of their website. Look at me go. :) It should be up closer to January.

Other than that not much to report, I should go back to Canmore before Christmas because apparently I don't plan well on the amount of yarn I use. lol


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fly me away

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the best one, every year.
If it were just women prancing around in their panties it wouldn't be so good, but with all the embellishments and the planning, and the entertainment of it all, makes it a dream to watch.
Everyone should check it out.
Here's a version of the show on the VS website. Enjoy!

Happy Holiday's!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is good

So thanks to some brand new changes in the IDPPA (the Innovative Design Protection and Privacy Prevention Act), no more copy cat artists in fashion anymore, since you cannot make knock-offs. A bill was passed that will provide three years of copyright protection for unique and individual design (according to CFDA). Thats the basis of the change anyway.
And apparently we're behind on this because Europe has been doing this for years. Huh. We're good.

Other than that, not much news. Knitting has been taking a back seat to MANY other more important things, like school, coaching, finding a roommate, and so on.
I may be a little slack in the updates for the next few weeks but once school is all done for the break you will be hearing lots from me! lucky you.

Happy xmas shoppin!


Monday, November 22, 2010

"I write sins not tragedies" - Panic! At the Disco

I would just like to state the obvious that when I go outside I cease to have the ability to feel any body part.
It's flippin' -31 with the windchill. And it's not getting warmer. I miss the days where I could wake up and expect the temperature to increase instead of plummet!
Darn B-ass-ackwards world I live in I tell you. Okay I'm done ranting. I acknowledge that it's my choice to live here so I can only b**** so much. Sorry for the use of many bad words but it's Monday.

In other news.... Not a lot going on really.
The AMA's were last night and going over some of the outfits here is what I think

Rhianna wore Elie Saab 0 Red lace gown, very pretty, I liked this one. Little baring but apparently people do that.

Kate Perry wore Badgley Mischka, nice dress, but I think she tried to hard to look like a Barbie and that is not something she should do. I'm disliking.

Fergie wore Falguni and Shane Peacock, I have nothing really against Fergie, but she frightens me and spikes on her heels heightened my fear. (actually the whole ensemble made her look like a bird about to attack.) Dislike

Miley Cyrus wore Marchesa and it's not a bad dress but it kind of looks like she is wrapped in toilet paper. She looked cute in a swaddled kind of way. I'm on the fence with this one.

Jada Pinkett Smith wore Emilio Pucci and the dress is very spartan-esque, she pulled it off but I'm not sure it was right for the event. I like (ish).

Willow Smith, as much as I love the girl 'cause she's so darn flippin' cute she looked like Prince got caught with his pants down. I've seen slouchy boots but she looks like she is playing dress up. I dislike.

So if you want to see the pics I received my info from check out



Thursday, November 18, 2010


As always I'm up late doing ridiculous last minute whatnots because that's what I do. I stay up until ridiculous hours.
I'm a night owl. Hoot Hoot.

Anyway the main topic of this post is toque pictures. Actually that was supposed to be the only topic...
Me chillin' in awesome elf hat.

Awesome Elf hat. Kinda looks like a mushroom. I should probably go to bed.

So the only other thing I have to say is I now have two interviews of influential fashion ladies in Calgary (yes Calgary does have a fashion scene) on my other blog

Check it.


Friday, November 12, 2010

A chill in the air

It's officially getting chillier here, snow is expected any day now. I can't wait to get out and get some snowboardin' done. I didn't do a lot last year, hopefully this year I plan to get more in.
Just so everyone knows it is fashion to wear a helmet on the slopes, because a come looks good on no one.
I have a shiny silver one, which will soon bear more stickers.

In other fashion news, skipping ahead five or so months, an exposed midriff is in this spring. Not the belly-button and not the hips a slim, tasteful line just above the navel if you dare. I don't think a lot of people will be daring, but some will give it ago.

In the meantime I finished Brittni's slippers and have finished one elf hat. I haven't taken pictures of either, I will try to get some posted.



Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm expanding

Not literally.
Anyway, as part of an assignment for school (a really cool assignment) I have a new blog that will showcase fashion personalities in Calgary. If you would like to keep up the link is:
I will be posting the first interview within the week.

Also, did you know they have magnetized lingerie now? Instead of snaps or hooks. I don't think it will last.



Friday, November 5, 2010

You know how shoes are awesome?

I'm sure everyone has heard about these heel-less shoes of Gaga's.
If you haven't...
They stand about 5 inches tall at the toe and 9 inches tall at the heel. Well, where the hell should be. It's basically half a platform.
If you want to see more Stylelist tried them out and they have a little video too.
Think you could walk in these?
I think I could.

On another topic, I'm a knitting queen this month so once I have all my projects done I will show you.
Currently I'm making slippers for Brittni, a scarf for me, I'm about to start on toques (elf/gnome hats) for Ty and me, and then fingerless gloves for myself. I believe Ava has an order for something too.
Either way I plan on being done all this in less than two weeks. Think I can?



Monday, November 1, 2010

I ran out of Yarn for the other one.

So after a trip to Canmore to the knitting store, I finally found a pattern to make these cute cute cute slippers for Brittni.
Unfortunately almost all the way through I ran out of yarn. So I should go back to Canmore soon!
In the meantime I just finished another knitting project I've been working on for awhile. It's nothing special just some fuzzy purple and black wool I've been meaning to use up so I made a shrug. Shrug/cowl. It has a few different patterns in it, but the gauge was very loose so you can't really tell! Good if you tend to make mistakes.
It doesn't look like much not on, but once on it's so cozy.


Monday, October 25, 2010


It is now officially winter-ish. It has snowed, and it's not so bad.
Time to start really layering though. Bring on the fur and the knits and the colours.

Now on another topic, blue lipstick was featured at Toronto Fashion Week (Amanda Lew Kee). I guess it's not totally off topic, because if you live here during the winter months you won't really need the lipstick. spelled Eva Longoria-Parker's name wrong last week.

A Charles Manson Jean Jacket was spotted in the West Village (creepy but I think it's kind of interesting).

I will have a lot more important stuff later but for right now, I'm brain dead. I think I'm getting sick but let's just pretend I'm not. Also, I still haven't won at poker. One day.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You know designers and such have way too much time and money on their hands when they come out with a fantasy bra.
It's made of diamonds. Absolutely ridiculous! Sure it's amazing to have and to look at, but it's barely functional!
I think it's a waste.
That's just my thoughts though. I'm sure this isn't the first glittery bra that hasn't been made either. I'm alright if it's made for a cause (like to raffled off and money to charity), but I'm not sure if this one, by VS (Victoria's Secret) is.
This is what the shimmery (and most likely uncomfortable) thing looks like.



Famous Babies

So you know how famous people have kids and they are basically born with that fame gene?

Welcome Williow Smith (daughter of Jada Pinket and Will Smith).

She is 9 years old and amazing. She has her own little video of her song called "whip my hair" (I think that's what it is.
And it's pretty cute.
She's fairly articulate as well, for a pre-tween this girls got it all figured out.
Definitely someone to keep an eye on, she told Teenvogue that her fashion icon is Billy Idol.



Monday, October 18, 2010


I like collars. More specifically I prefer collars that cover my neck.
I'm talking about all the fall jackets that are very neck baring. Simple collars, decorated daintily.
If I'm wearing a jacket I would prefer something with either a hood or something I could button up. Maybe it's just the fact that I live in Alberta and if I'm going to wear a jacket it's probably to stay warm. I prefer my clothes practical and functional (and stylish, but it's hard to look good when you're shivering and have goose bumps).

So that being said what would you rather wear? Something stylish and light that looks great with a matching skirt?
Or something that creeps a little higher.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Have I learned

It's not even 10 a.m. on a Saturday and already I feel well educated for the day.

So far I know that it's definitely getting colder (brrr.. time to bring in those chunky knits!)

Real men are back as far as modeling goes. Which is fantastic if you don't mind me saying. No more skinny, pre-pubescent skater boys. Men, with five o'clock shadows and in well-fitting suits. It's quite dreamy actually, so let's just think about it for a second...

On another topic all Hallow's Eve is approaching and everyone is searching for the best costume. So far I've seen a tick (yea a woodtick), Medusa, an Egyptian goddess, a grad, wonderwoman, and milk and cookies as some of the better options. Not bad.
Last year I was a cowgirl. It was heavy flu season so I covered my mouth with my bandana. Pretty smart really.
And the year before that I was the paperbag princess.
I have know idea for this year.

So really that's all I know so far. And the day has just begun!



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld would be the world's hardest person to shop for.

So he's designing his own island. It's true he has plans to build an island of the coast of Dubai (where everyone builds island, it's like a trend).
I believe Isla Moda (?) is the name. Check it out if you don't believe me.

So it's true. What can you ever buy the man that can build his own island? Maybe a flag?



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get your knit on!

It's true. Chunky, thick knits are everywhere. Just in time too.
Sweaters, scarves, dresses, skirts, jumpers (if you want, I don't recommend it) Everything is knitted.
And they are big and they are patterned. Remember the eighties? If you weren't there you probably remember it better. Anyway lets go all snow bunny with the patterns. is calling it "Country goes Urban" mentioned it in "Under Wraps" (layering layers on layers)
It was brought up in Elle Canada (where my Momma found it)
So it's true, the economy is slowly picking itself up and although the silhouettes have mainly been sleek, we are growing. Not us personally, but the clothes are getting bulky for the cooler months.
Remember colours are in too, so think something orange or blue and layer it. Try keeping it just one main colour though and not too many different knit patterns.
I love layering by the way. It's how I get by.

I'll try to keep the updates coming.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011

The Chanel 2011 spring show is indeed Chanel.
A few things to note:

-Silhouettes are still sleek
-Bracelets are still large
-Booty shorts are still in
-Classic Chanel tweed is there
-Adding random shiny objects... apparently that is cool
-sleeves stay short (bracelet length, 3/4, cap)
-Wispy threads hanging off (think flapper)
-Still a lot of flowy light fabrics, layered with floral prints
- Dark colours so far, a lot of black and greys
-Seeing some denim and leather

Okay here's what I'm getting out of this: Rocker crossed flapper trying to be an uptown girl.
It's fairly dark, a little gothic. Very interesting collection though, worth taking a gander

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm in a hurry, and don't know why

Rushin' Rushin' to get things done...
 Anyway it's a good song and lately it is stuck in my head.

So with school lately I have been going craz(y)(ier than usual).
Basically I haven't even had time to read my magazines. I did happen to get in a little but of the Lady Gaga Vanity Fair issue.
Amazing, that magazine is. Of all the mag's of read this is top notch. I will probably start picking these up on a regular basis. I'm going to need a whole bookshelf for magazines soon. That much of a junkie.

So I heard on the radio today that apparently we have these new things called "shooties". Shoe-booties. I'm technically not sure what they are yet, but open-toed "shooties" are in. I'm guessing they're opened-toed ankle boots. Not sure we need a new word for it. I don't mind combining words, but lately it's just ridiculous. Every since Jeggings I'm not really a fan of making stuff up and thinking it's cute.

Also on a whole nother* tangent I can't wait to move into my place this weekend. Have a little bit of my freedom back. Have my sewing machine setup again and all my yarn back.

There's no real reason to go to Canmore this year, since I'm not helping out with the quilt show. I still think a day trip to the yarn store would be a great plan. It should be a yearly thing really.

So those are my thoughts for this morning.
I'm not sure how coherent this is, I'm not reading it through again, best of luck to me.
*( I know that's terrible grammar, but I like it)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Work It!

So as one who is vertically challenged, I like shoes with height.
I am a whopping five nothin'.

If you go to the InStyle website you will find a tutorial there on how to walk in heels. I think this is very important, every woman has to wear heels sometimes.
Heels tend to give women a sense of power, but if she is wobbling and clutching the railing, it kinda diminishes that power. A lot.
So I would check that out if that sounds like you.

But if you want a quick lesson, then here's are a few tips outta my book:
-Head up, shoulders back, navel-to-spine. Good posture is crucial for balance.
-Be confident, if your not good at heels, go up slowly, inch by inch.
-Don't try to sway your hips. It will naturally happen.

There's some good points. Someone once pointed out to me, that I can even strut in flats.
It's all in the way you walk, not the shoes you wear.
Unless you wear flip-flops. No one walks well in flip-flops. They always make noise and snap back to your foot. Things can easily get caught in them. But I digress.
One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Don't rush, don't take huge strides, you're just walking.
No go put on your cutest pumps and try it. I know you wanna. :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Apparently my Momma decided she didn't want to make waffle mittens so I win the race.
I have one done, and I'm quickly advancing in getting the second done.
It snowed here today so I'm guessing it's definitely time for the mittens.
School is overwhelming right now, but I'm getting stuff done. I just have to be a little more camera friendly I think. Working on my organizing skills too.
I will write about something more important soon. Or entertaining.


Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a hoot!

I just want to give a shout out to a trend that's being sly, but is very around.
I first started seeing owls in accessories about six months ago, and it's still here.
I'm not sure why these are the birds of the season, because with the colours I would have guessed something more like a peacock would be appropriate.
These are my cute owl earrings.
So even though it seems to be a random foul, I'm okay with the cuteness of these.
Everyone should have something worth hooting about.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Apparently Lady Gaga got bored with just eating meat.
She had to wear it. Raw.
Is it real or fake? Either way PETA is pissed.
Check it out.


How concerned are you?

Here's a question I've pondered on from time to time. Ethical clothing vs. Fast Fashion. Basically do you want clothes made by people working in a sweatshop or would you feel bad after knowing the conditions in which your garments were made?
I've always been a little concerned and have even boycotted a few stores. I am just as guilty as the rest though for shopping fast fashion. My strategy is usually not too have something everyone else is wearing.
That doesn't mean though that my clothes weren't made by someone who really didn't want to be there but needed that extra dollar a day.
There's a bit of a debate right now on where the future of fashion is going. Will we continue to just buy and not concern ourselves with the where or how? Or will we think twice about the garments we buy and put some thought into supporting ethically produced brands?
This is not the same as green oriented but the way the clothes are made and the labour conditions the company or brand has. It's not what they are made of but how.

Quite a few people think that within the next five years even we may see a significant change in the way we go about purchasing our clothes. I'm not sure if I agree a significant change will occur in such a short time, but I do believe some changes will be seen. The first step though, as always, will be awareness and breaking through the apathy.

Are you concerned?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Dance

Back in school and so far I'm overwhelmed.
To start off the day I put my camera card through the wash. Thankfully it's a tough one and still works.
Also, I may have been the only person to have ever been kept up by a goldfish all night.
Yes Oscar felt the need to play with and pop the little bubbles on the top of the water all night.
My goldfish is noisy.

On other topics, my laptop does not have an O drive and will not find one. Which makes grabbing my assignments difficult.

So I'm patiently waiting on tonight to arrive for yoga. It will be much appreciated.

In the meantime though, I'm going to continue threatening my laptop until it works.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Now I need home for a rest!"

Well that was exhausting!
Had some great times in NYC with my Momma :)
Won't be too long before we go back again.
Cute new sweater from DKNY to go with my gloves.
So I have some pictures of NYC which I will post in a bit, but for now I will post pictures of the clothes I bought!

My new cashmere lined gloves I bought at Saks Fifth Avenue(!)

My Japanese (?) wooden sandals. From the very cute Kiteya shop in Soho.

Brand new Fossil purse from the Times Square location.
Awesome people work in that store, good times @ FNO.

Well that is all for now. I did get a FNO t-shirt as well and few other things.

We also hit a quilt store on W 25th that I happened to buy just a few things at. I'm going to make a wall-hanging of a NYC fabric.
There was also a little store called Purl Soho (in Soho.. lol) that had a lot of yarn and reproduction fabrics to so we went haywire there as well.
Came home with a lot of clothes and a lot of projects, should keep me busy. Currently making some waffle mittens out of my new knitting book. We'll see who will have them done first, me or my Momma. It's a race!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Wiped out!

Oh my word that was an experience.
Fun but I am sooo tired now. Bought so much these last few days I will put pictures on when I get back tomorrow!
For now though I'm going to pack then sleep to catch an early flight tomorrow morning.
I don't think I could stay any longer, I'm running low on funds!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too much to do!

So little time!
And here I lay in bed wasting it! Oh well, the beds comfy and the rest is well needed.
But soon I will be out exploring this grand city.
Walked around when we arrived here last night, just the Times Square area and even until about 1 a.m. this place is still hopping!
It was ridiculous.
Can't wait for tomorrow the big FNO!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"I'm leaving, on a jet plane... "

Almost there!
On my way to New York. Currently held up at Pheonix, apparently the plane had a malfunction (which they figured out about five seconds before take-off).
Found a new plane though, so things are still rolling along.
This is going to be Fantasmic!

I doubt I qill be able to close my suitcase on the way back, and will probably be staying for at least half a day longer now. Which is completely neccessary.
Can't wait to wear my new boots.
Will post pictures soon.


Monday, September 6, 2010

This is how we do it!

"I know it sounds absurd, please tell me who I am." -Supertramp, The Logical Song

So I went shopping. Again. I'm not sure why but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I did manage to find some new boots now that I guess you can say I "needed".
I bought cropped pants last week and I don't have any tall boots to fit nicely under them.
Today I fixed that problem, it only took me about two hours and ten shoe stores to actually find a pair of boots I like that actually came in my size. Just so you know I'm a tiny person with really teeny feet. I have a size five (US sizes).
Finally I found a pair of Miss Sixty boots (on sale!) in my size that looked good and aren't painful either.
I love them.
This is me in my new boots. Looking like a special kid.
I'm also wearing my new cool toque with a pom-pom on top.

Two sleeps until New York! Be jealous!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

And with the times...

It's coffee, coffee makes the world go round. I figured it out.
On the topic of round, I watched part of the Dior (A/W 2010) and those are some big skirts!
I didn't think they were going to make it past each other on the runway. Frightening.

Anyway some things I learned. Frills/ruffles/feathers anything to give it at least three inches of texture that is shooting out. Colours everywhere, and I don't mean soft pastels I mean the colours you can still see when it's dark.
Gloves! Everyone needs to have long gloves! Some of these started to look like rubber gloves (hence the colours) but I have a feeling you will not be washing the dishes in these.
The sandals were strappy and high also in every colour.
Hemlines were still kept at a decent length, and if it wasn't a big huge skirt, chances were it was a hobble. These clothes are not for running in.

So to sum up: GLOVES!, colours, and textures made from anything (I thought one dress resembled a sponge but maybe Mr. Squarepants was making his debut on the catwalk).

Check it out. It's very entertaining.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Pulled it Off

The Emmy's had some fabulous people. With fabulous people always comes fabulous clothes: some good and some bad.

January Jones Pulled a bright blue concoction off nicely, I think the sun said it best comparing to shimmering mermaids and peacocks. Who knew that was a stunning combo? This one was good.

Sofia Vergara looked nice. To put it plain and simple, someone who's always stunning looks just nice in a simple gown. Even though it's just nice for her it can still be bombshell for others. I say it was good, simply because it wasn't bad. (You know what I mean)

Claire Danes tried something similar to Vergara's but did not pull it off half a nicely. It looks like she's wearing a sequined towel that's too big. This does not flatter her shape. I say bad.

Christina Hendricks could have done better. Yes she looks radiant and the dress is very cute and suited to the times, but it does not help her. The structure of this dress does little to caress her curves and more to accentuate them and with the muted colour and pale skim everything is washed. I would say good try, but bad.

Julia Ormond did well with a classic strapless that's sleek with few details. Good.

Elisabeth Moss does not need a dress to be fabulous. She seemed so confident that the dress, gorgeous as it was did not even matter and no clothes seemed to be on the same level. On that note, I would have put her in something with colour. The dress itself made her look like a goddess but the colour made her appear to be the statue of a goddess. I say good, clothes or no clothes.

Ellie Kemper was very cute in a frilly prom-esque frock that was fun. Nothing overbearing or wrongly fitting, I say good.

Lea Michele looks almost uncomfortable in a dark strapless gown. The ruffles on the bottom seem to weigh her small frame down. I would give her A for effort but B for bad.

Michelle Forbes is a strong woman, and although she may frighten me a bit, she did well with an understated, shimmery, one-strapped gown. I say good.

Jane Lynch almost had it. The dress was working until you got to the hips where it changed design and went flat. The top is flattering the bottom is not. She was close but I say bad.

Archie Panjabi looks stunning in a black off-the-shoulder gown. For her body silhouette this was very flattering with lots of subtle detailing. I say Good.

Anna Paquin has a head injury. Bad.

Mariana Klaveno is very sweet in rose coloured number. Finally someone from True Blood has a look worth really looking at. This is a gorgeous dress. I say Good.

Kim Kardashian looks decent for once. Not a big fan of the Kardashians myself but this is vey well done. The dress is exquisite and another one fit for a goddess, she is radiant in this gown. Good.

Rose Byrne has me on the fence. Obviously the memo for the Emmy's was "think goddess/toga party". Some pull it off with not a problem others should have burned the memo. Byrne is a little in between. The back of the dress works well until we get the lower back where it droops more than drapes. Droopy is never good. I give her.. Go/Ba. (undecided)

Nina Dobrev is a luscious thing in this sleek gown. She is Good.

Jon Hamm looks dashing in a tuxedo. A little out of place though. Still good.

Anna Gunn appears to be wearing a prom dress. The dress looks out of place which in turn does her no favours. I'm going with bad.

Well that's all for that, some of my thoughts on what the Fabulous thought they should be wearing. Kim's is by far my fave and if you want to get a look:

Kim Kardashian (Getty Images)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm on it!

So the tickets are bought!
Going to New York baby!

In the planning process now of all I want to do and see! Definitely think I'll probably hit up Grand Central Station, seems like big things will be going on there.

Have no idea what I will be wearing, seeing as how half my clothes are in storage.

I will keep you posted though.

Just scoped these on Nine West.

I think they are quite a good look for this fall. the slant of the flower things on the front make it almost dainty. With a rock edge of course let's not be boring now. :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

Time is flying by right now. I can't believe August is almost over and it's just a few weeks before school.

Lots to do, like finding a place to live, and buying my ticket to NY, and possibly some laundry.

So be jealous, I will be in NY for Fashion Week no matter what strings I have to pull to get there. It will be fantasmic and for those of you to broke to go I may come home bearing gifts. Depends on how much you grovel. :) Just Kidding.

Another thing: I have new shoes. Very cute from H&M. I go into that store everytime I go shopping, usually I don't come out with anything, but on occasion I will find something very darling. This time I found shoes, they were calling my name. I will upload pictures soon for all to see.

One more order of business. Elif Shafak's "The Forty Rules of Love" is a must read. Downtime on planes and trains and whenever you have second should always be spent in the company of a good book. "The Bastard of Istanbul" was the first one I read by Shafak and will always be in my top twenty (which is pretty good). Very mystical settings that explore every boundary of religion and love and the interactions between people. I recommend any of her books to anyone, you cannot go wrong.
I will probably have a few more updates on good reads soon, I have about six books to get through right now before I will let myself buy more. That and I broke one bookshelf while moving (by I, I mean my brothers) so I'm low on storage too.

That's about all I can say for tonight. I will keep you posted as often as I can, the past weekend was very hectic.

Love and Good Health to all, don't forget to give someone a hug (it keeps the blues away, like apples for doctors but better!)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010



And Calgary is doing... Not a whole lot, I'm not sure if they're doing anything. If they are, they are not registered for it.
So here's my thought on the matter: NEW YORK!

So far my itinerary would include :

A stop at Agent Provocateur - Fall Winter 2010 Campaign themed event from 6pm-10pm. Campaign video display Latest collection showcase Special guest DJ Jauretsi Saizarbitoria, Cocktails provided by Belvedere Gift bags - Because who doesn't like lingerie, and hell if I'm going to New York, why not?

Maybe some Aldo - Get the ‘it’ boot for the trend of the season, rock the latest limited edition must-have and do good with just one stop. Visit ALDO from 6-11pm with 50% of proceeds from the ALDO Combat Boot going to ALDO Fights AIDS in support of the NYC AIDS FUND. One good turn deserves another; receive the limited edition Tote of Honor free with your purchase. The Tote of Honor is also available for $20 with 100% of proceeds going to the cause. DJ and refreshments will be on hand for the ultimate shop for good experience and you never know who else will pop by…photo ops for sure.

Always some BCBGMAXAZRIA - Partnering with The Daily to for an exclusive Fashion’s Night Out celebration at its flagship boutique on Fifth Ave. at 40th from 8-10 pm. The first 50 guests in attendance will receive a Runway Survival Kit, featuring BCBGMAXAZRIA accessories and beauty essentials. Complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Attendees will also have the chance to meet Lubov and Max Azria, who will honor five women from the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund. In addition, guests can enter for their chance to win a complete look from the Spring 2011 collection.

And possibly some Calypso St. Barth - Stop by Calypso St. Barth for a screening of the Fall 2010 short film titled "l'histoire d'amour" starring Alicia Rountree. Shoppers will enjoy shopping incentives as they sip champagne and dance to tunes by Scratch DJ's finest.

I'm not sure about the last one it doesn't really sound like my thing but hey, why not throw some random in there.
If I do go, which I am seriously considering, it will be fantastic. I can guarantee.

So this is what I leave you with tonight.

Plan your trip too on Fashion's Night Out (that is the name of the site).


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ow, Ow, Ow

So the new workshoes I ordered from the catalogue are no fun. They're cute mary janes, and they're from the non-slip shoes for crews so I thought I'd have the best of both worlds: cute and functional.
Well they sure are cute but I can't walk in them.
I need to remedy this and soon.
I really didn't have anything to say, kind of a long day, and no time.
This needed to be said though, because sore feet, no matter what the occasion make for a bad day.
Even though you should always have good looking shoes...

Always a tough call.

Night Pretty People!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010

I'm impressed. Apparently it doesn't take a lot to impress me. I haven't seen anything for fall yet that I don't like. Either I'm easy to please or these people are professionals!

Well Oscar's fall collection pretty much made me feel like I was in Russia. Correct me if I'm wrong though I've never been.

There was fur everywhere. And in every colour. Purple fur and orange fur, in hats, on hems and collars. Everywhere! It is a nice thing.

A very colourful line, purple, orange and red with a little blue. Of course some gold fantastically bedazzling everything. I am in love with one dress in particular, it looks like shes wearing orange water. The dress looks like it's on fire! I believe it's look 13 the pumpkin abstract floral silk. Bleepin' brilliant. If one can afford it, one should get it.

Other than that not much to say. I started to see that military style in the jackets that everyone is talking about. I like how it's done tastefully, and not full on "I'm marching off to war, hold my handbag?" type ridiculous. It looks good.

Another thing I would like to mention is the fur hats. I want one. So if anyone would be so kind, I believe it would make a good early Xmas gift, or even a b-day gift.

Have a good night my fashionable friends.


Friday, August 13, 2010

"It turned my whole world around.."

Well, to be truthful nothing has turned my whole world around lately, I just didn't have another title.

So I would update about the Burberry A/W 2010 collection but my internet is not my friend. So maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will give you an update as to what I think will be cool this fall. Or things you should invest in.

Plaids, or floral prints. Darker prints as in colours, nothing summery, please. Plaids are everywhere, but they are also done simply. If you want to stand out, pick one colour and do it bold. Think red, or purple, the deeper the better.

Gold. We want to see those clothes shimmer. We can't have gold in our pockets these days so everyone is wearing it.

Fur is in. Not surprised. It's fall/winter. Fur should be. It's cozy. Haven't seen a lot of knits though. Nothing too heavy either. Not a lot of layering too. 'Tis not the season to hide behind your clothes.

Boots. We like boots. And we like them high. Have a nice pair of boots, preferably beige (or what the hell, let's get 'em plaid) have them with an easy all-day heel and up to about mid-calf. You will be good to go.
Also put on some nice leather gloves. Keep those hands pretty.

Trench coats go to knees or longer and I'm guessing will most likely be double-breasted.

Not a lot of shape in the clothes, but most silhouettes do have a slight hourglass shape. I still think everything is feminine. That is my word for the season and I'm going to over-use it. By that I do not mean girly. Be a woman.

There's a lot of draping in the shirts, nothing too provocative. If there's any shape it will be in the shoulder's but not much. Not the shoulder pads of the eighties either just a little extra room in the sleeve up top.

Oh and somethings that are in that I am unsure of. 'Jeggings': Jean+Leggings. I think they are just fine for tweens but they don't seem to fit in with the rest of the season. They are fine for lounging and probably comfier but I wouldn't add them as a staple. Nothing against them, but as all leggings wear them smartly.
Also ... Hotpants. Those little shorts that look like boyshorts that really should only be seen near pools or the beach. Apparently you wear them with a nice blazer and top and it's supposed to look like you forgot pants. I don't know about the rest of the world but where I live, this will not be appropriate. Come September when the temperature maybe hits 14 degrees celsius, you don't want to do that. But if you feel the need to bare it all, as long as you do it tastefully and don't complain about the frostbite then all the power to ya.

So that's all I can think about right now. Maybe more later. I'm not even going to check this for spelling and grammar right now. Pretty tired.

Good Night and Sweetdreams.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm just going to go out and say it.
Lady Gaga makes my heart pound.
When she first started hitting the main waves all I heard were these pop beats that I tuned out just like the rest. Eventually they started seeping into my life, then one morning I woke up singing Bad Romance.
Ever since I have been on a Gaga kick. I may be one of millions intrigued by the outright ridiculousness of this new star. Wondering how long she's going to be staying in the spotlight.
I'm not ashamed to say, that she makes me dream of wondrous new outfits, of having the balls to wear something just a teensy bit as provocative as some of her outfits out to the street. Not even provocative as in look at all that skin but just to make the heads turn.
The only thing I have is a bright orange straw hat. One of those floppy beach ones. It's cute. :)
Oh well.
I hope she lasts. If she continues her life this way, I wouldn't be afraid to state that she is comparable to Madonna.
These would be fun to troll around in. I call the purple one!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jimmy Choo, How I love you.

Oh life would be terribly drab without pretty shoes, and pretty handbags.
Enter Jimmy Choo. Loved by millions.
I took a gander at his AW 2010 collection. It was amazing.
Amelia- Simple yet I want it. It looks so, sensual. Can handbags be sensual?
I believe there is something for everyone, and I am this close to spending my next 2 paycheques on a pair of shoes I may never have any place to wear, but I would be happy just to be in their presence.
Fleur -Fishnet and Snakeskin. It was designed to flatter and I believe it.

Anyway I am done here today, I am tired. Give it a look through when you have time, or when you need a pick me. I promise you will be dreaming after looking at all the pretty things Jimmy has to offer.
Remember, it's not always the shoes that have to match the outfit, sometimes the outfit should revolve around the shoes, especially when they are this good.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Pepper & Pistol 2010 AW

It's been while since I've checked out this duo. They're collection for AW2010 is really quite beautiful. In the pictures the models wear it tough, but with the draped tops, and touches of velvet it is quite girly. In a tomboy sort of way. The dark lips and lack of colour off-set the pretty making it very wearable for just about anyone.

I'm totally in love with their loonnnggg gloves. (!) They are so classy. So elegant. I do want some.

Sheer fabrics are the thing to have right now, skirts you can just see through (but please wear something underneath). The pants were striking, kinda like balloon pants or MC hammer pants without all the droop and cut short at the ankle. Other than that, it was skinny.

The clothes speak for themselves, these are things you can wear anywhere anytime. Very versatile with a bit of hardglamour.

And just as a side note I would like to say that bold lips are in. The trick is only accenting one feature so keep the rest light, or fairly pale. Mmm, it is gorgeous.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2010

Well after watching the Chanel show yesterday and then the Dolce & Gabbana one today, I believe I'm starting to see a trend. Femininity. The lines were the same. Very sleek, nothing too shapely but a definite waist.

While I would say Chanel was more on the conservative side, D&G was not. I'm pretty sure they took a ballerina and burlesque dancer and made the wardrobe into one.

During the show the first thing you'll notice is: where's the pants? I read in ElleCanada that hotpants (spanky's) were in and D&G could not have hit this more on the head. The look is too make it seem like you're a serious business woman going to work in a nice suit and... you forgot the bottoms. I don't think anyone can pull that off better than they did.

A couple prints to keep in mind are polka-dots (classic black with white dots) and leopard. Think sheer fabrics that settle nicely on the body. Or lace-over-gold is another elegant choice. It almost looked as if the models were strutting around in negligee's and bedroom wear, although nothing was distasteful.

If you want a better idea of what kind of bedroom wear it might be think fifties swimsuits. Thick straps, bottom covered, no boobs hanging out. This seemed to be the basis of most outfits. If you want more cover than that don't be afraid to complete the look with an eighties off-the-shoulder sweater either.

Not a lot of colour was used, black and gold seemed to be the safe bets but there was an occasional splash of red. As elegant as everything comes across, a very subtle detail may be the raw edges on a considerable number of necklines (dresses and jackets).

I wouldn't be caught dead showing off that much leg in winter (I don't even show that much when it's summer!), but props to anyone daring enough to give it the go. If you're like me and want some more coverage the hemlines for dresses seemed to fall just above the knee, and longer flowy skirts are also a thing to keep in mind.

The feeling though to follow is feminine, not girly, but classy and elegant.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

My thoughts on Chanel (Fall/Winter 2010)

After a look at this years Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 couture line I would have to say I am refreshed. Keep in mind that over the past year or so I have fallen out of love with Chanel, I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the same old classic suits, the same old Chanel, it seemed all too predictable to me. Now it's all in the past, and I've dove headfirst back into infatuation with Chanel. LOVE IT!

One of the main things I noticed over and over again is the waistline. The waistline is up in the ribcage and defined by a cutoff overcoat/overshirt. I think that helped in making this line what it is, the raise of the waist offering a very feminine figure, that's defined without being shapely. Not a lot of shape was seen in any of the outfits except for here and there in a long, low, puffed sleeve, or random accent of the bust or bottom.

I liked how it stayed so refined, without to much bulge or frill. It gave off a womanly, slight silhouette without effort. It was classy and well-groomed yet seemed low-maintenance.

At first colours were also very subtle same with little pattern and embellishment. Then the addition of a touch of fur and some glitz entered. While keeping the same silhouette for the rest of the show the clothing seemed to blossom. There were ornamental suns, then flowers and some leaves scattered over the outfits in a mature (think fall, mature season of the year!) matter. No daisies, nothing bright, but beautiful and refined beauty. The colours themselves were also in keeping with the theme, nothing unnatural.

Sleeve's were kept at 3/4 length for the majority of the show. Going with the general lightness of the fabrics where nothing seemed overly bulky or layered, it gives a slight airiness to the ensemble. Hem lengths were kept appropriate staying sleek and straight to the knee and no shorter. Longer hems were flowy and most had a sheer overlay in the same colour, once again adding the light feeling.

Necklines were kept fairly conservative, only dipping into a wide slight V a few times.

Boots were mainly midcalf and dressed just as the rest of the outfit to match. The only major accessory was the bracelets. The only part about the outfit that could be considered weighty or heavy. Since the rest of the ensemble was never overwhelming it fit quite nicely, noticeable but not attention drawing.

Overrall I am extremely impressed with this collection, I believe if I wore any piece I would feel like royalty, and who doesn't want to be a princess? Or better yet, Queen of the world?
Well done.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Advertising That Shouldn't Work

Ad for Diesel in NYLON magazine.
Diesel (the clothing brand) has this brand new little catch phrase "be stupid".

I took offense to this the second I saw it. Not personally so to say, but as a the consumer they are targeting. I don't like the fact that they're telling me AND the rest of the world that it is okay to be stupid. It is never okay to be stupid.

So if that isn't reason enough to rant about bad marketing schemes, if you read in the little red box below Diesel's name, it reads their original slogan "for successful living".

Apparently these days you should be stupid to live successfully. I've ran this by a few people and I have received the same reactions from each one; slight confusion and agreement that those together do not make sense.

I understand that advertising is a ways and means to get noticed. I've heard the saying that all publicity is good publicity, but I don't agree with this. I think that this will reflect quite negatively on the brand.

Hopefully I'm not the only one out there who has a problem with this Ad. I'm worried about what the more impressionable consumers will think, but with any luck, they will just keep flippin' and not give a second thought to "being stupid".