Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Hey now, you're an Allstar"

Good Evening All,

I opened my facebook page tonight and noticed a poll being done by InStyle Magazine:
Do or Don't buy clothes one size too small hoping they will motivate you to lose weight?
I voted Don't.
Personally this is not an issue I've really had to deal with, but for those looking for motivation to lose weight I do not believe this is a healthy way to get motivated.

I think it's better to buy clothes that fit now and make you feel good, instead of buying clothes you will take home and have to stare at, yet not be able to wear. Chances are that won't make you feel any better and you may just end up stashing them in the back of your closet.

It seems like it would have negative mental impacts, something along the lines of saying to yourself that you are not good enough to even buy yourself clothes you can fit into.

If you go with your actual size and learn to feel good about yourself first, then with a positive mental state goals are usually more attainable or at least obstacles may seem less daunting making the whole experience more tolerable.

These are just my thoughts on the matter, though I am really no expert.
Check out the link above and weigh in (pun intended) on what you think.



Monday, April 4, 2011

"Until the day you finally wake up, and you're not, afraid" Spill Canvas, Battles

I have my ticket for Fabricated April 16th and oh boy am I excited for it.

LG Fashion Week is happening in Toronto right now, one more day to go. Looks like it is only getting better year after year.
So I saw many things for all the Fall 2011 collections. A lot of dark. The occasional colourful collection did strike through such as Joe Fresh, but I feel it was dominated by black.

Texture is HUGE. Fur especially, I don't think I saw one collection without fur, it is everywhere. If you don't like the idea of fur, texture came in many forms this time round, there was fringe, rope, sequins, scrunched and bunched fabric.

Definitely a few knits, and knits are on the chunkier side, but also on the loosely knitted side.
Accessories are big. Literally, necklaces are long, and bracelets are cuffs. The silhouette itself is still very feminine and there is quite a bit of draping but everything seems to be pulled together with layering and honkin' accessories.

Coats cover your (ass)ets. They are fairly long and almost always end after the hips. Long dresses seem to be coming in, with draping fabric not to the calves, not to the ankles, but all the way to the floor. Nothing to poofy, just long and lean.

I noticed a lot of flapper hair. Not only that but eye make up is dark/bold/big. Very few eyes were left untouched by the smokey effect, as well as many dark lips, red or otherwise.

If colour is more your thing, I saw a lot of reds, roses, and blues.
Adding shine in some way was there too, be it just of the gleam of leather (which was well done), or from sequins or safety pins in some cases.
Tans, golds, and light browns are also very in.

Almost every collection had some dropped v neckline and a tunic of sorts.

Here's IZMA, one of my favourites. I do really enjoy the shiny-ness of everything and the inside of the jackets. I also adore all their fur. Lurve it.