Wednesday, April 16, 2014

21 weeks, Over the Half Way 'Bump'

I think the title of this post is pretty cute.

Anyway it's true, I am 21 weeks preggo and I'm finally starting to look preggo!
Even though I don't look impressed in this picture, I am happy about it. I just really need to concentrate when taking pictures with my phone. Probably why I don't take selfies. Or it could be I think selfies are stupid, and a perfect example of a self(ie)-serving generation. But that's another rant for another day.

I'm definitely feeling some baby movement and it's getting more and more intense every day. I like to freak Jason out by wandering around with my belly showing, talking about the movement as much as I can. Scary for him, entertainment for me. I'm sure he'll get with the program once the wee one is here, until then, I should start hiding baby paraphernalia in his stuff. Maybe a diaper (unused, don't be gross people) in his lunch bag. That should make his day.
On the plus side, Jason is being super sweet and making me supper almost every night, even though we have total opposite schedules and diet plans. His plan is no carbs, mine is any food I want. It's working out wonderfully, because if I had to cook for myself, I'd be eating a lot more take out.

Not much in other baby related news. I have plans for the baby's room, but have done nothing to start them yet. I'll wait until coaching is over and I have more free time.

I heartily enjoyed last weekend with quite a few of the ladies from my family as we partook in a girls weekend in Canmore. Our spa day on Saturday was the most relaxing pampered time I've ever had or even dreamed of. I can't wait to maybe do another one next year.
This was the view from our balcony. Impressive right?

That is all for me today.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh those Monday's

Well considering I started off the day being woken by a ringing doorbell, barking dog, and then stepping in said dogs pee... it's turned out not too shabby.
Did you know they deliver parcels at 7:40 am? I did not. And if they are going to do that, I think a notice should be given. Because my house was very confused as to what was happening this morning when the doorbell rang, repeatedly. Jason almost went to answer the door in my house coat before I told him to lie back down. (Though I almost should have let it happen, but I might have had to cut it off him... now we'll never know).
Jackman, while sniffing the delivery man, managed to pee all over the floor, and I didn't notice until I stepped in it. Who can blame him though, he had also just woken up and was more confused than anyone.

The rest of the day ended up progressing smoothly. I paced myself and actually got some stuff done around the house, put the laundry away, cleaned the kitchen and rearranged everything on the counter, much to Jason's dismay. A few other things done to. Which I'll be honest, seems like nothing, but in the mornings before I go coach, I'm learning to pace myself. If I don't pace myself, I'll be so worn out by lunch that I'll want to just sleep the rest of the day.
And to be honest I did end up napping today, but it was a planned nap so it's okay.

Did some coaching this afternoon. Always enjoyable. Also enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather this afternoon. Everything is always better splashed in sunshine.

I'm very much looking forward to a girls weekend coming up. As in I sooooooo can't wait to relax and get a little pampered.

Coming up on Wednesday I will be 20 weeks in. Though you probably wouldn't know it to look at me. Both baby and I are healthy in case you are wondering, things are moving along nicely.  I am pretty sure I'm starting to feel some movements in there to. Kinda like a pulse in my uterus. It's a little weird, the good kind though.

On another side of weird, I watched my dog repeatedly scratch his ear, then smell his paw tonight. I'm not really sure how to feel about that.

It's getting close to my bed time, so I think I will leave you with that tonight.