Monday, August 22, 2011

Silly Moments in Advertising

While watching TV with my soon to be hubby this evening, there were a few laughs.

I'm quite sure these advertisements weren't going for comedy but, they might want to rethink who they're marketing to.

The first incident was watching a subway commercial advertising a steak and bacon sandwich. They had me going, I was thinking man, that looks delicious. Then they ended it with a curveball, saying why don't you top of your meal with a yogurt parfait? Sure, it's kinda like desert, but it's not quite the same as a cookie. It's actually viewed as a healthier (somewhat) breakfast to some.
I'm not sure who're they're marketing to anymore.

Second case that got a giggle out of me was a jeep commercial. Started off with good mood-setting music, nice picture of a jeep splashing through mud with the voice talking about an adventure. Then they started off listing the features of this outback, tough, adventure seeking vehicle. It has handcrafted leather. Yes, that is first on the list. Don't get me wrong, but when I'm looking a mudding vehicle, I want something that is okay to get dirty. Handcrafted leather, now that's fine stuff.

Anyway, not much point to this post, these are just things I found amusing in my day.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Copyright? Yes it's important.

It's Monday morning and I have a day off. As per a usual day off, I take the time to drink coffee and sort through the happenings of the world.
So far all I can account for this great country is that A: there seems to be a lot of violence out west lately, a higher than comfortable per cent being gang related; and B: Quebec is still a little a loopy on any issue regarding government.
I'm not going to go into the fact that Quebec's Premier would still like the PROVINCE to be regarded as a nation in the constitution, if the chance presents itself.
What really irks me this morning, is a story regarding a woman using the Conservative logo without permission.
Michaela Keyserlingk, is using the logo in her campaign against the use of asbestos, which for her is a very personal issue.
I have no problem with her campaign, I don't think we should be exporting asbestos to other countries, when we ourselves will not use it.
Keyserlingk's campaign has a solid issue as it's backbone, but her way of attracting government attention shed the whole thing in a negative light.
Using the logo without permission, and then having the party send a cease-and-desist notice, and not following through, is childish and reckless. It's understandable that the Conservative Party wants to take legal action, if they didn't I'd have questions about their backbone.
There are many other legal ways to go about attracting attention, especially on such prominent issues.
I think she had a good campaign, I don't agree with the government exporting asbestos, but I think she screwed her whole campaign over.
Sure, she may now have a lot more publicity but she has no credibility.

Had to get that one out.