Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I like to pick on the education system

Another misunderstood teacher, trying to help a kid out, and getting in trouble.
I find this a little comical actually.

I think the teacher was wrong to spray what could be construed as a chemical on the kid, even though if you can use it on your bed sheets it's fairly harmless, still might not have been the wisest decision.

I think other solutions, could have been opening a window, or giving the kid a breath mint. Then maybe sending a note home to the parent saying 'hey, this food made your kid stink, and the his classmates teased him.'
Classmates are going to tease, behind or in front of the teachers back, but if they were already in class, the teacher could assert some authority and stop the teasing in the classroom at least.

Also, I don't think separating the kid from the classmates for the period would help the kids self-esteem any.

All in all, don't think the teacher really did anything wrong. There's no evidence of the kid being harmed by the febreeze, and the intention was good, even if a little out there.

Poor teachers, can't even go near a student without catching it these days.