Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Underweight or Overweight, take 'em away

Here's a new hot button topic, taking severely obese kids away from their families.

Globe & Mail has an article about this startling topic that was developed from an opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Personally, I don't think taking a child away from the family would be solution to the problem. Sure, in some special cases like the one listed in the article, it may just work. For the majority though, even if the parenting is to blame to some extent, is there really a need to tear a family apart over this?

Tearing families apart has a greater chance of creating more health related issues, possibly emotional or psychological ones. What is the kid going to think? Yes, your parents can take care of you, but they are doing it wrong, so we are going to put you in foster care until you lose some weight.

I think creating a more effective physical education program in schools would have a better effect.

Also, last time I checked, the foster care system may be a little strained for resources and money, now they'd be adding a new type of 'problem' to look out for, causing more strain.

So investing in the school system seems to be a pretty good idea now doesn't it? I don't oppose checking up on these families in case of underlying family problems that me be causing the obesity, such as neglect. But if this form of treatment was ever implemented, I would hope it would be a last resort measure.

It seems that whenever there's a problem with children, laying it on the foster care system becomes a pretty reliable option.