Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hey Look at all that Snow!

I have a great story for everyone.
(Warning: do not be eating while reading this story. You've been warned.)

Jackman loves the snow. Not just to look at, or sniff, or frolic in. No, no.
He loves to try and eat the snow, as I shovel it. He needs to catch all of the snow. All of it, every single flake.

So tonight I was out there shovelling the snow, enjoying throwing shovelfuls at Jack and watching him jump and try to gobble it all up.
It was awesome, no wind, just a pretty, calm night, spent tossing snow at my dog. Good times.
I get inside, all pumped up, because I consider shovelling a work out (every day activities people, it keeps you healthy!). I Walk downstairs ready to relax and enjoy the evening.
Jackman follows me downstairs and as soon as he gets on the carpet, throws up alllllll the snow he just ate.
Well, I'm thinking it's not so bad, just snow, or water now. Still not too thrilled about it though. So much for relaxing (I was two steps from sitting down!).
I turn on the light and it's not just snow. It's little teeny bits of whatever he's been eating in the past two hours. And apparently Jason 'dropped' a lot of popcorn.
Oh. And a bandaid. Jackman ate a bandaid.

After I got that all cleaned up, I'm now finally enjoying my night. Let me tell you though, soggy popcorn does not like to come out of the carpet.

And that's my wonderful story for this evening.

Other than that my life has been all about coaching. And it's pretty fun.
There is a competition coming up in Airdrie Nov. 22-24 for anyone who's interested in watching. It's at the new arena's. If you have nothing else to do, come out and cheer on your local skating club!
If you want specific times for some of the Airdrie skaters I can get those to you.

Happy Weekend All! Stay warm and cozy.