Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yes muffins. Not from scratch but mighty delicious all the same.
When I moved out of my parents house, my muffin intake decreased to barely three or four muffins a year. And I'm not sure if Momma still does, but she used to bake muffin's all the time, I'm sure it was because they were easy to make and one of the few things all four of us would eat.

Also in the news today (mine, not the worlds), I biked to the grocery store this morning. It's not very far, but it was windy, and the bike I have is Grandma's old one. It has no gears and just back brakes. But it has a cute basket and old school handle bars so I'm a fan.

One month I actually rode my bike and didn't touch my car at all. It's a good work out, good for the environment, and it doesn't take much longer to bike across Airdrie, then to drive across it.

I might try something similar again, starting in August. I won't totally go without my car, because sometimes, biking in Alberta is crazy, but maybe 75% bike, 25% car. We'll see how it goes.

I would like to be able to bike with Jack beside me, but I think I'm going to wait a few more months to even walk with him hooked to a bike. He's smart at times but I do not see him and a bike being friends right now, too sketchy.

I'm very envious of all my family out camping up at Crimson Lake right now. How dare you.

Lucky me though, I get one whole weekend of camping up at Mt. Kidd this year, so woohoo! :)

Can't wait for it, since it will be at the end of a three ish week stint of straight work. Not complaining though, it's my choice. It will by Mon- Fri. at the paper (other people are taking holidays) and weekends serving up eggs and bacon.

I'm actually quite excited to be working full-time at the paper for a bit. I'm still learning lots there, and doing a bunch of production stuff. A lot of little things to try and remember, but that's true with most jobs I'm sure.

And to answer everyone's most frequently asked question: 'How's married life?'
It's the same as life was before, still pretty good. Jason and I were prepared for this. :)



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing with my camera

I wouldn't call myself a photographer by any means. I do have a decent camera, I took some classes in school, I enjoy pictures, but I don't have a photographers passion. So here's me playing around with my camera, taking pictures of our rings and my wedding shoes. 
My shoes are fairly new still, considering I took them off as soon as possible and did not wear them at all after. No shoes is the way to be people.



Thursday, July 12, 2012

The way the world works

When it comes to the education system, I'm a critic. Only because I deem it absolutely necessary. The more critics the system has, the more might actually be done to fix it.

One of my biggest concerns of course, is the cutbacks to physical education. Some schools no longer have gym everyday, yet no one can seem to figure out why they are gaining weight or becoming lethargic.

Skate Canada hit the nail on the head:
"However, due to government cutbacks and a shift in core subject matters in school curricula we have created physically illiterate individuals. As a result, the ability to develop fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, throwing, adaptations to ice, snow, and water) as well as basic motor skills (balance, coordination, agility, speed, etc.) at an early age is becoming alarmingly non– existent."
[quote from Skate Canada's new program]

All children must receive an education, yet nothing is being done to enhance the quality of education they are receiving.

Oh except for making sure no children's feelings are being hurt. Heaven forbid they receive a zero mark for something they didn't do. It's okay if they don't do it, I'm sure they had something else to do.

But I digress, that's another issue completely.

I just don't understand why extra-curricular programs need to step up to provide the basics that used to be taught in grade school. 

I've heard, read, seen so many studies about how children need a certain amount of physical activity per day to maintain good health. School's used to provide this, a simple one hour out of the school day, to get up and move around. 

It's also no wonder every second kid has ADD, they no longer have time to run around and burn off all of their energy. I haven't met one adult who can, without complaining, sit at a desk all day, and now we  expect 7 year olds to do it without complaining or losing interest. 

It's good, that some non-school programs are stepping up to cover the gap, but I'm sure not all of them are, which makes it harder for some kids to get into sports in the first place. Extra-curricular sports aren't cheap either, so not all kids have the chance to participate.

School is one of the very few things that is mandatory in this lifetime. It's the basis for the rest of our lives. 

I'm not saying if you sucked in school you can't turn your life around, but grade school is where you learn how to learn, play, and socialize.

I hear stories of what kids get away with today in school. It's not their fault if they graduate unprepared, they are being set up for it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dinner Pictures!

I said I had pictures of our Sunday night dinner.

Pie & Pasta totally made from scratch, thanks to my wonderful and talented hubby. :)
It was delicious.



Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Time... & The Livin's Easy

Hey All!
I wish the living was easy. :) Actually it's not so bad, now that the rain has mostly stopped and the sun comes out, I almost feel like it's summer.

Currently, I'm working 13 days straight (between Smitty's & City View), but I asked for extra shifts at the restaurant, so making money is alright with me.

Other than that life is good (as 'Pop' would say). For those of you wondering and asking, married life is quite nice. And thus far, not too different from what it was before, just no wedding planning.

Work is good, I'm learning quite a bit at City View. I'm learning how to get everything ready to go to press, and make sure all the ads are there in the right places. Because sooner or later I will have to do this by myself. Scary, a little; exciting, very much so. There are lots of little things that need to be done, but I'm taking lots of notes so all should be well when it comes down to it.

Jason is loving his new apprenticeship, he's on shift work now, days for two weeks and nights the next. The hours are fairly reasonable though, so we may still see each other.

Last Sunday night we had a delicious homemade supper. Jason made it of course, I set the table and poured the wine. It was Spaghetti (pasta and sauce made from scratch) and lemon meringue pie (all from scratch). Soooooo freaking good. You all be jealous. I have pictures at home, I will post them later.

I've started working out (again), because I like to stay in shape. When I have this much time off from coaching I like to do a yoga/ballet/hula hoop/core workout (clearly I made this up myself) to keep up with appearances and stuff. The fact that it helps with the feeling good and being awesome are just side bonuses. :)

By the way, a good way to intensify your workout is to do it in your living room with a puppy who wants to play. Simultaneously playing tug of war, and keeping your breathing steady while working on your abs, is a good way to work on your endurance and concentration. Just food for thought.

Not too many plans for the rest of the summer aside from working and enjoying the nice weather. Hopefully we will get out camping a few weekends too. One of the best parts of summer for me is waking up with the smell of campfire in my hair, listening to birds and the bubbling of coffee brewing. I love it.