Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Life, Still Good

Yup, still letting the good times roll.

Had the Easter weekend off from coaching, and was able to spend lots of time with the families.

Zoe had a blast with her uncle's and cousin Izzy. Izzy tries so hard to 'mother' Zoe, and it's so cute, but Zoe has none of it.
Zoe decided she was laundry. Or wanted to help, by throwing it back at me.
Either way, she was really upset when I took her out.

Modeling her new toque, made by Mommy.

First day of swimming lessons. (She's not a fan by the way, by we're going to keep trying.)

Zoe was lucky enough to be Izzy's 'friend' on 'bring-a-friend' day for her gymnastics class. And I learned that Zoe is not ready for organized and structured classes.
It was lots of fun, but Zoe didn't want any of the sitting and listening to instructions, she just wanted to explore. And not the obstacle courses that were set out for her group, but every other thing.
She ended up joining in here and there, and I think had a blast. I had a really good cardio workout, trying to keep her on task, and only semi-disruptive (she's cute, it's okay).
Again, helping with the laundry.

Just being a weirdo. (I have no idea where she gets that from.)

She looks so grown-up here, I don't know how to feel about it.

Baby #2 is still growing stronger by the day. Pretty active, just like Zoe was, so my hope of a quiet child is slowly being dashed.
Preggo wise, I'm feeling pretty good, had a full day off to stay home today, and I'm pretty impressed with all I accomplished. Though I've got to say, my hips are little more sore this time around than they were last time. But I have lots of heating pads and a great pillow set-up for sleeping so that helps. And I've been told it's normal, so I'm not concerned.
I've also been told I look much bigger this time around, even in my face. I know a feel a lot more waddly.

30 Weeks

That's pretty much all for now.