Saturday, March 14, 2015

All day every day, wash the laundry

Zoe is over 6 months old! Time is still flying by.
She now sits by herself, and quite enjoys feeding herself crackers.
She is also a lot messier. A lot. Crumbs every where, and sticky everything. Jackman tries to help with crumbs but even he can't find them all.

The good news is, she has my independent streak. The bad news is, I'm not allowed to hand her the food she drops, she wants to pick it up herself. Life gets really frustrating when you are six months old and can't find the food you dropped because you're sitting on it.

Skating is almost over for the winter season, so yay, break time for me. Get to spend a lot more time at home having Zoe snuggles, which I am looking forward to. Though I'm sure Zoe will miss spending Wednesday's out at the farm with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Austin.

Having some play time together.
Jason has finished round two of schooling for his electrician apprenticeship, and did very well. Quite proud of him, and he is happy to be back at work.

Grandma Cindy went to the store for dog food the other day, and left with a whole new wardrobe for Zoe. Starting to think she needs to be supervised when she goes out shopping.
But then again Zoe does look pretty rockin' in her new hat and sunglasses. Thanks Grandma!
Only the cool babies can pull off this look.