Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lovin' the Sunshine!

I am really happy that it's starting to be nice outside. I mean even if there is only one or two nice days a week, at least spring is here once a week. That's pretty cool.

I never claim to be technologically savvy. A computer I'm not to bad with, I can work quite a few programs at an above average level.
Phones are my nemesis though. Especially iPhones. I have a Samsung S3 Mini, so in reality I'm sure it's not so different, as they are both touch screens and have apps and yada yada. But on Monday night I tried to use an iPhone to time some pre-hockey drills. (I would have used my phone, but I had accidentally left it at home... go me).
So even though the app is pretty much the same on both phones, under the clock icon, I could NOT find it. I just sat there swiping away, panicking that I needed to find it fast to get rolling on all the testing I had to do. Thankfully the 7-year-old standing behind me new exactly where it was, and he just took over and found it for me. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's smarter than me now.

So as you can see, I'm doing really well with this whole pregnancy brain thing. Just this morning I tried leaving the house without my keys. I had the grocery bags, the thing everyone forgets, but no keys.

Above is me about a week ago around 23 weeks. I'm now at 24 (obviously), and yesterday I had my first doctors appointment at the maternity care clinic, where I met one of the doctors who might deliver the wee one. 
In case anyone is wondering I have gained a total of 7 lbs. so yes I am actually gaining weight. Both myself and baby are doing quite well. 
So far I'm pretty happy with everyone (medically) that I've met, and I am appreciating the thoroughness of the system. 
To be honest I don't have a lot questions or concerns to go in with anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the low maintenance patients, but still, I'm impressed with the friendliness and care I've received so far.

The only complaint I really have at this point is my lower back and hips are pretty sore. Mainly my hips just feel like they are falling apart, and that is an odd feeling.
Not uncommonly, sleep has started to be an issue because of shifting body parts, and I was trying to use regular pillows to get comfortable and hold myself in one position. That did not work though, as apparently regular pillows are really easy to kick off the bed and end up half way across the room. So I had to go out and pick up a body pillow and I will say it is helping a lot more than I thought it would.

On the cravings front, I'm definitely addicted to frapucinnos. It's an actual heavenly moment the first sip I take of one each day.
I'm still not craving pickles, and Jason is still waiting for me to crave pickles.

Baby is beating me up from the inside and packs quite a punch for something that weighs just over a pound. Baby also enjoys stretching full out which is one of those extremely weird/wonderful things of pregnancy.
Feel free to place any bets on the sex of the baby, because we are not finding out until it pops out.

I will take this time to wish all mother's a happy Mom's Day as it is coming up. Thanks to my Momma for the countless things she has done for me over the years! I really do appreciate everything and love you very much.

I also just realized that this time next year I will be a Mom on Mother's day... and my Momma will be a Grandma! (and if you've talked to her in the last few months you will realize that being a grandma is a huge accomplishment to her.) Glad I can help with that. :)