Monday, October 25, 2010


It is now officially winter-ish. It has snowed, and it's not so bad.
Time to start really layering though. Bring on the fur and the knits and the colours.

Now on another topic, blue lipstick was featured at Toronto Fashion Week (Amanda Lew Kee). I guess it's not totally off topic, because if you live here during the winter months you won't really need the lipstick. spelled Eva Longoria-Parker's name wrong last week.

A Charles Manson Jean Jacket was spotted in the West Village (creepy but I think it's kind of interesting).

I will have a lot more important stuff later but for right now, I'm brain dead. I think I'm getting sick but let's just pretend I'm not. Also, I still haven't won at poker. One day.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You know designers and such have way too much time and money on their hands when they come out with a fantasy bra.
It's made of diamonds. Absolutely ridiculous! Sure it's amazing to have and to look at, but it's barely functional!
I think it's a waste.
That's just my thoughts though. I'm sure this isn't the first glittery bra that hasn't been made either. I'm alright if it's made for a cause (like to raffled off and money to charity), but I'm not sure if this one, by VS (Victoria's Secret) is.
This is what the shimmery (and most likely uncomfortable) thing looks like.



Famous Babies

So you know how famous people have kids and they are basically born with that fame gene?

Welcome Williow Smith (daughter of Jada Pinket and Will Smith).

She is 9 years old and amazing. She has her own little video of her song called "whip my hair" (I think that's what it is.
And it's pretty cute.
She's fairly articulate as well, for a pre-tween this girls got it all figured out.
Definitely someone to keep an eye on, she told Teenvogue that her fashion icon is Billy Idol.



Monday, October 18, 2010


I like collars. More specifically I prefer collars that cover my neck.
I'm talking about all the fall jackets that are very neck baring. Simple collars, decorated daintily.
If I'm wearing a jacket I would prefer something with either a hood or something I could button up. Maybe it's just the fact that I live in Alberta and if I'm going to wear a jacket it's probably to stay warm. I prefer my clothes practical and functional (and stylish, but it's hard to look good when you're shivering and have goose bumps).

So that being said what would you rather wear? Something stylish and light that looks great with a matching skirt?
Or something that creeps a little higher.



Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Have I learned

It's not even 10 a.m. on a Saturday and already I feel well educated for the day.

So far I know that it's definitely getting colder (brrr.. time to bring in those chunky knits!)

Real men are back as far as modeling goes. Which is fantastic if you don't mind me saying. No more skinny, pre-pubescent skater boys. Men, with five o'clock shadows and in well-fitting suits. It's quite dreamy actually, so let's just think about it for a second...

On another topic all Hallow's Eve is approaching and everyone is searching for the best costume. So far I've seen a tick (yea a woodtick), Medusa, an Egyptian goddess, a grad, wonderwoman, and milk and cookies as some of the better options. Not bad.
Last year I was a cowgirl. It was heavy flu season so I covered my mouth with my bandana. Pretty smart really.
And the year before that I was the paperbag princess.
I have know idea for this year.

So really that's all I know so far. And the day has just begun!



Thursday, October 14, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld would be the world's hardest person to shop for.

So he's designing his own island. It's true he has plans to build an island of the coast of Dubai (where everyone builds island, it's like a trend).
I believe Isla Moda (?) is the name. Check it out if you don't believe me.

So it's true. What can you ever buy the man that can build his own island? Maybe a flag?



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get your knit on!

It's true. Chunky, thick knits are everywhere. Just in time too.
Sweaters, scarves, dresses, skirts, jumpers (if you want, I don't recommend it) Everything is knitted.
And they are big and they are patterned. Remember the eighties? If you weren't there you probably remember it better. Anyway lets go all snow bunny with the patterns. is calling it "Country goes Urban" mentioned it in "Under Wraps" (layering layers on layers)
It was brought up in Elle Canada (where my Momma found it)
So it's true, the economy is slowly picking itself up and although the silhouettes have mainly been sleek, we are growing. Not us personally, but the clothes are getting bulky for the cooler months.
Remember colours are in too, so think something orange or blue and layer it. Try keeping it just one main colour though and not too many different knit patterns.
I love layering by the way. It's how I get by.

I'll try to keep the updates coming.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011

The Chanel 2011 spring show is indeed Chanel.
A few things to note:

-Silhouettes are still sleek
-Bracelets are still large
-Booty shorts are still in
-Classic Chanel tweed is there
-Adding random shiny objects... apparently that is cool
-sleeves stay short (bracelet length, 3/4, cap)
-Wispy threads hanging off (think flapper)
-Still a lot of flowy light fabrics, layered with floral prints
- Dark colours so far, a lot of black and greys
-Seeing some denim and leather

Okay here's what I'm getting out of this: Rocker crossed flapper trying to be an uptown girl.
It's fairly dark, a little gothic. Very interesting collection though, worth taking a gander