Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On another note...

I realize that my last entry wasn't as... light, as some of the other ones may have been.
So today we will take a look at the lighter side of coaching.
As many of you may know, I am expecting. (YAY)
I'm 16 weeks along in case you are keeping track.

Well being that I am a little more fragile than usual, I had to tell a few of our power skating groups to be extra careful around me. Basically to remember to use their brakes and try not to slam into me.
With that being said, most of the groups are boys between the ages of 6-12, so they aren't really aware of the birds and the bees yet.
After Lynnell (the other power coach) informed a few skaters that I was pregnant, one of the skaters looked right at me and said
"You're not pregnant."
Somewhat taken aback I responded "Yes I actually am."
"No, you don't look pregnant."
"Well, it's still early, but I am pregnant."
" I don't believe you, I don't think you're pregnant."
And that was the end of that conversation. I just said alright, don't believe me. lol

Just a week later that same kid looks at me and asks "Are you still pregnant?"
Ummm... "Yes, I will be pregnant until August."
He said okay and skated off. I guess he believes me now.

It's much easier to tell the kids to be careful around me because I'm not wearing a helmet, because they can understand that and see it.
This whole pregnancy thing, is a little bigger of a concept.

Another kid asked if I was worried about my baby just slipping out.
I informed him, that no, babies do not just slip out.
And then I quickly made them go skate before any more questions could be asked.

So there is my lighter side for the night.
I am pretty tired, and it is close to my bed time, so I will bid you adieu.



Monday, March 3, 2014

Some Parents Children

The other day, as I was heading to the couch holding a box of Cheerio's Jason stopped me and asked if I 'knew how to eat cereal the normal way'. Apparently he's not once seen me eat cereal from a bowl with milk. Always from the box.
I eased his worry, and let him know that yes, I have heard there are alternatives to my way.

In other news, some kids are designed by the devil.
The majority of kids I know, be they family, kids I teach, or other kids, they may be trying at times, but are generally just kids, doing things their own way, being a kid.
Well when a 7-year-old acts like she's a 42-year-old genius with no concept of social graces, it's easy to be convinced there are evil forces at work.
During one session today, while the little skaters were helping me clean up, I missed the beginnings of an altercation between two kids. Apparently they both went to pick up the same pool noodle, and as one went for it she stuck out her arm and tripped the other.
I was busy with a few other skaters for that moment, but I did manage to catch them both holding on the same noodle with a death grip and trying to skate away.
They eventually got up, one claimed to be tripped on purpose, the other... didn't really see what was going on, and was just happy to be collecting pool noodles.
I tried to calm the accuser by saying I'm sure it was an accident, which was my first mistake.
So before I can say much else, she drops off her noodles and skates over to her Mom. She does this a lot (A LOT), so I focus my attention on the accused. The accused listens as I tell her to be careful, and that it's not nice to go for all the noodles (they each had about four already), and that she should leave some for the other kids. She understands and skates off to do the next thing.
Problem solved right?
I wish.
Well the accuser comes back over, and says 'I have a complaint'.
Yes a 7-year-old came back to me with a formal complaint.
She 'complained' that I didn't believe her and I didn't do anything to solve the situation.
I told her that I talked to the other skater and told her to be careful, after she (the accuser) had skated away to her Mom.
Then little miss know-it-all interjects 'that I shouldn't support violence in my group'.
I'm sure you are laughing now, but at the time I was ready to unleash some unkind words.

I'm going to stop the story there, but it goes on that the accuser/complaint giver and I did not see eye-to-eye the rest of the session. When I tried explaining my side to her mom after another incident, the skater looks at me, looks at her mom and says 'she's lying.'
(The mother had very little to say, I'm pretty sure the child's evil controls the parent.)

Either way it's over now (until I receive another complaint).
And I don't like to see any skaters leave a program or be unhappy with skating, but I really, really hope she does not come back next year.

Okay that's the end of my rant. I hope someone got a little giggle out of that, and I hope one day I will to.
Just kidding, I can laugh now, it was just ridiculous. And all the other coaches laughed a lot, because, well, they don't have to teach this kid.

And that's about all there is going on with me. Well there is other stuff, but there is only so much I post online.