Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Pampered Chef is in the House!

Seriously, I can't find my kitchen table with all the wonderful boxes on it. :)

So, living in a not so big townhouse, with a roommate, Jason and I don't have a lot of room.
Thankfully, I am the really good at making room, and making things fit.

Most of my morning was spent cleaning out the cupboards, reorganizing and condensing. Now there should be enough room for everything! 
How do I do it? I have no idea, but if it doesn't stay organized it won't fit, I know that much.

Other than that, I've been a little lazy, just took in some recycling. Day's not yet done though.
Coaching is up and running again for the spring season, so three afternoons/evenings a week that is what I'm up to, a little figure skating and some power skating.

Also now on Wednesday nights I have hoop class. Hula Hooping for those of you confused as to what I'm talking about.

I enjoy it because it's a really fun way to exercise and work your core. Now I'm actually taking an intermediate class. Yikes! Last week I was just doing the beginners class, because I don't hoop regularly but it seems the only class I can fit into my schedule is the intermediate one. 

So tonight I will see how I do. Most likely I will be sore again like last week, because my hoop is pretty heavy. Wish me luck!

Not a lot to report on the wedding front, tomorrow I have a few things planned to do, but it's a fairly slow week.

Anyway, I should be on my way shortly.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Escape the Daily Grind

And live like a Hamster!

No, seriously. This ultimate vacation experience takes you out of everyday life so much, you're not even supposed to be human anymore.

I guess some people are into that.

Today's little weird tidbit.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not Again!

Two episodes and I'm hooked again! How does this happen?
Grey's anatomy. So dramatic and ridiculous, but man does it tug at my heartstrings.
Oh does it break my heart.

So, I will throw in another update. Not much to say.
After a Super Duper lazy day yesterday, I actually did lots today.

Yesterday was the start of my weekend, so I had lunch with my Momma while she watched my cousin's boys. I picked up my sister from school and took her to work, and then I went shopping with a couple of my bridesmaids.
See? Super lazy.

Today on the other hand I tidied everything up, vacuumed the whole house, including moving furniture to do so.
So I made a bigger mess just to clean it up essentially.
Jack was not a fan of my vacuuming, he hid in the very back corner of my closet, even for an hour after I stopped. I had to dig him out, he wanted no part of it.

Then after that... oh what did I do. Mind blank.

Oh yes, I took in some recycling and bought some groceries. I am very excited for my toasted bagel, tomato slices, and mozza cheese tomorrow at work.

To start off the day I actually dealt with Direct Energy a bit. Which did involve calling people, and I did not enjoy that. But it did get straightened out that hey, they owe me money! I have a credit of $11! Never thought I'd see that happen.

After that I sent out my shower thank-you's and a few other office/stationary type things.

Okay maybe not so much. But I did cook for myself tonight, and that in itself is a miracle. Nothing burned, nothing raw. I'm learning :)

I'm about to go off to bed now, since Jack decided last night was a good night to keep us up.
Then tomorrow I start my week again! And by week I know I'm working a few days in a row, other than that my schedule is so unknown.

Oh except I'm busy Tuesday nights at hoop class. More on that later.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buzzzzzing Around

It's been a while dear friends. And much has happened.

Well to start off, I have officially started counting down the days. I didn't think I would but I am. There's 62 left by the way. And only 35 days until Mexico.

Jason's friends are getting married in Mexico in May, and I think it will be quite a nice time to chill out and relax before the wedding. That and I'm super excited as I have never been to Mexico.
Not my usual pick for a vacay and certainly more relaxing then chasing trains all over Europe, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it just the same.

As far as wedding plans are going, things are going smoothly. Well as smoothly as I could hope for.

I did send out one batch of invites without the gift registry information and the PLACE information.
That's not embarrassing at all. So I just finished resending those out with all of the information and a cute little note.

My wedding shoes I just received, and they fit! It's always a little sketchy ordering things online, and I've never ordered shoes online. Or clothes really, I like to try things on first. But these fit and will match the dress perfectly! :)

All I need now are a few little accessories to complete my 'look'.

The flowers have been ordered, and I'm quite excited for those as well, I think they will turn out quite elegantly.

Other than that it's just the little things now, the final details. It's crunch time.

In other news, our puppy, who's not so little anymore, is still super cute, even though he's a bit of a terror.

Truth be told he's not so bad, likes to chew a bit, but listens quite well.

He's a border collie x Australian shepherd, and does love to herd. Cheyanne and I took our puppies out for a walk today and my puppy (Jackman) tried to herd her's the entire time, and was actually quite successful.

I'm a busy bee at work and so is Jason, who's working overtime at the mill every other weekend.

Anyone who volunteers to wake up at 4 a.m. to work an extra ten hours a day is a little crazy, but hey, he seems to enjoy it, and it can't hurt the wedding fund. :)

I've been putting in extra hours at the paper as well, and I'm still learning new things everyday. I'm still loving it as well, good times are being had, no matter how frustrating communication on page sizes can be sometimes.

Last week though I ended up working 7 days straight between the paper and Smitty's, and then coaching a few nights on the side as well. Didn't get a lot else done last week.

Just figured out today that I somehow am working five days in a row again, which is a lot for me. I'm not used to working full days where I have to get up and go places. I like my coaching schedule better.

Also all these day's in a row hinder the ability to devote more of my time to wedding planning and house cleaning. With planning taking a priority lately, I'm on the verge of purging my house since I'm behind in my cleaning.

Besides my 5 days is from Thursday to Tuesday, which is a strange schedule and there is always the possibility that I may work extra. I may be crazy too.

As for coaching last week, even though it's mainly done, I had to prepare my little figure skater (first one of my own!) for a competition this weekend, so there was some pick up ice.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the competition in Edmonton this weekend, but I heard that she did quite well for her first competition and achieved the goals that we had set out together.

And I think that's about all.

Peace & Love