Monday, November 22, 2010

"I write sins not tragedies" - Panic! At the Disco

I would just like to state the obvious that when I go outside I cease to have the ability to feel any body part.
It's flippin' -31 with the windchill. And it's not getting warmer. I miss the days where I could wake up and expect the temperature to increase instead of plummet!
Darn B-ass-ackwards world I live in I tell you. Okay I'm done ranting. I acknowledge that it's my choice to live here so I can only b**** so much. Sorry for the use of many bad words but it's Monday.

In other news.... Not a lot going on really.
The AMA's were last night and going over some of the outfits here is what I think

Rhianna wore Elie Saab 0 Red lace gown, very pretty, I liked this one. Little baring but apparently people do that.

Kate Perry wore Badgley Mischka, nice dress, but I think she tried to hard to look like a Barbie and that is not something she should do. I'm disliking.

Fergie wore Falguni and Shane Peacock, I have nothing really against Fergie, but she frightens me and spikes on her heels heightened my fear. (actually the whole ensemble made her look like a bird about to attack.) Dislike

Miley Cyrus wore Marchesa and it's not a bad dress but it kind of looks like she is wrapped in toilet paper. She looked cute in a swaddled kind of way. I'm on the fence with this one.

Jada Pinkett Smith wore Emilio Pucci and the dress is very spartan-esque, she pulled it off but I'm not sure it was right for the event. I like (ish).

Willow Smith, as much as I love the girl 'cause she's so darn flippin' cute she looked like Prince got caught with his pants down. I've seen slouchy boots but she looks like she is playing dress up. I dislike.

So if you want to see the pics I received my info from check out



Thursday, November 18, 2010


As always I'm up late doing ridiculous last minute whatnots because that's what I do. I stay up until ridiculous hours.
I'm a night owl. Hoot Hoot.

Anyway the main topic of this post is toque pictures. Actually that was supposed to be the only topic...
Me chillin' in awesome elf hat.

Awesome Elf hat. Kinda looks like a mushroom. I should probably go to bed.

So the only other thing I have to say is I now have two interviews of influential fashion ladies in Calgary (yes Calgary does have a fashion scene) on my other blog

Check it.


Friday, November 12, 2010

A chill in the air

It's officially getting chillier here, snow is expected any day now. I can't wait to get out and get some snowboardin' done. I didn't do a lot last year, hopefully this year I plan to get more in.
Just so everyone knows it is fashion to wear a helmet on the slopes, because a come looks good on no one.
I have a shiny silver one, which will soon bear more stickers.

In other fashion news, skipping ahead five or so months, an exposed midriff is in this spring. Not the belly-button and not the hips a slim, tasteful line just above the navel if you dare. I don't think a lot of people will be daring, but some will give it ago.

In the meantime I finished Brittni's slippers and have finished one elf hat. I haven't taken pictures of either, I will try to get some posted.



Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm expanding

Not literally.
Anyway, as part of an assignment for school (a really cool assignment) I have a new blog that will showcase fashion personalities in Calgary. If you would like to keep up the link is:
I will be posting the first interview within the week.

Also, did you know they have magnetized lingerie now? Instead of snaps or hooks. I don't think it will last.



Friday, November 5, 2010

You know how shoes are awesome?

I'm sure everyone has heard about these heel-less shoes of Gaga's.
If you haven't...
They stand about 5 inches tall at the toe and 9 inches tall at the heel. Well, where the hell should be. It's basically half a platform.
If you want to see more Stylelist tried them out and they have a little video too.
Think you could walk in these?
I think I could.

On another topic, I'm a knitting queen this month so once I have all my projects done I will show you.
Currently I'm making slippers for Brittni, a scarf for me, I'm about to start on toques (elf/gnome hats) for Ty and me, and then fingerless gloves for myself. I believe Ava has an order for something too.
Either way I plan on being done all this in less than two weeks. Think I can?



Monday, November 1, 2010

I ran out of Yarn for the other one.

So after a trip to Canmore to the knitting store, I finally found a pattern to make these cute cute cute slippers for Brittni.
Unfortunately almost all the way through I ran out of yarn. So I should go back to Canmore soon!
In the meantime I just finished another knitting project I've been working on for awhile. It's nothing special just some fuzzy purple and black wool I've been meaning to use up so I made a shrug. Shrug/cowl. It has a few different patterns in it, but the gauge was very loose so you can't really tell! Good if you tend to make mistakes.
It doesn't look like much not on, but once on it's so cozy.