Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prego Update!

Babies make you crazy. Even before they've been hatched.
The fact that my schedule has opened up lately, does not make it any easier for me to keep track of the day. Or month. Or reality if I'm being totally honest.
I've been doing a bit of reading lately, and between that and the crazy, vivid dreams, I'm not sure who I am some days.
Thankfully one look down at the beach ball I'm growing and everything comes sharply back into focus. Except my feet. Those haven't been seen in awhile which could be why I'm prone to a missed step or two these days.
Speaking of beach balls, here's a picture.

I don't even know what one would call that face.
In other baby news all is still good. Baby is happily pushing on my bladder and ribs at the same time. On occasion it needs to press it's teeny-tiny bottom into view. I'm hitting my 29th week and feeling pretty decently. I mean, as great as one can feel while all their internal organs are being rearranged to fit a watermelon. I've pretty much sworn off pants at this point. Some may say being pregnant in the spring/summer is no fun, but I'm definitely enjoying the freedom of maxi dresses. Also my snowpants and coaching jacket no longer do up, so I'm thinking I would have some difficulties staying warm in the winter. Actually, no jacket I own does up... I just realized this. Oh well.

The baby shopping has started as we bought our first box of diapers this weekend. It was exciting, but I'm guessing diaper buying won't stay exciting for long. More exciting than diapers was a diaper bag that I purchased online. Since I don't think the baby cares about bags, it was more of a purchase for me. Well it was totally a purchase for me, because Jason won't touch it.
Isn't it wonderfully gorgeous? I definitely enjoy the retro pattern, while Jason thinks it looks quite similar to a lot of old sofas. But he has plans on getting his own 'tactical' diaper bag, which is A-ok with me.

Other than baby happenings, not much to report. Jackman is still toy-obsessed, but is also really enjoying his new kiddie pool that keeps him cool. He enjoys bringing his toys into the little pool with him, so he can pounce on them in the muddy water.

That's all for now.