Sunday, August 2, 2015

Making the most out of Summer

I feel like so much has happened since the last post and it was only just over a month ago.

In a month Zoe has been to her first parade, on Canada Day. She seemed to enjoy it, but the most impressive part was she stayed awake for all of it.
Thanks to Aunty Wendy for these great pictures.

Zoe went 'camping' for the first time. Camping being parking Gramma and Papa's trailer in front of the cabin at Columbia lake. Not quite roughing it, but a great time nonetheless. She got to play with her cousins which she loves. The little munchkin lights up anytime she sees another little person and has yet too make shy. She's even scared some kids off with her blunt inquisitiveness.

And of course while camping, Zoe had her first time in the lake. She didn't want to go in if Mommy held her, but had lots of fun playing in the water with Gramma.

Zoe has started chasing Jackman around (seriously, he tries to hide but it just doesn't work). And her first word is sounding a lot like it will be Jack, or more accurately 'Dack'. Which is what she says anytime she sees a dog now.

We had fun at a family reunion for Jason's mom's side a few weeks ago. Zoe was able to meet cousins she had never met before. There was a little boy there who is a week younger than Zoe and about ten pounds heavier. Zoe's petiteness did not stop her from taking all of his toys though. I've a feeling I need to talk to Zoe about sharing and personal space soon... not that I expect it to sink in.

Speaking of Zoe's petiteness, we were out shopping the other day, and even though I had Zoe sitting in the front of the shopping cart, she was still referred to as a 'new baby'. They were quite shocked when I said she will be a year old soon.

And on that note... OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S GOING TO BE A YEAR OLD SOON!!!!! How does that happen so fast? She's not a little baby anymore she's practically a toddler. She's not walking yet, but only because crawling is so much faster. She does really well holding on to things though, and keeps pushing the kitchen chairs everywhere and rearranging things.

Of course I'm sure there's more to tell, as she learns new things almost daily right now, but I will leave it there. At the end of the month there will be a big party for her as she celebrates a whole year of being adorable.

Getting' into trouble with her Uncle's. She sure loves anything ice cream. And they sure love feeding it to her.
11 months! That's her 'smile for the camera' face.

First time swinging at Aleigha's Birthday. Loved it!