Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coffee is a food group right?

Well the good news is that Zoe is still sleeping through the night most nights.
Except for last night.
It seems that every time I need to be up early the next morning, Zoe decides she needs a midnight (or 4 am) snack.
And here I was all excited that Zoe went down at like 10 pm and I got to go to bed early. Of course I then couldn't fall asleep until midnight. And then woke up at 2 to go pee anyway.
Never, ever, get excited to go to bed and fall asleep, because it won't happen.
And I'm going to blame my lack of sleep for me getting dates confused to. I totally thought Zoe's 4 month shots were today, and I've thought that all week. I even listened to the recording when they called to remind me that her shots were coming up.
Turns out her shots were supposed to be tomorrow. Thankfully I got lucky and someone had cancelled so we got them done anyway. I guess it's better to be a day early than a day late.
And I'm so glad the shots are all done for another two months. I know she needs them, and that in reality, it doesn't hurt her for that long, but I'm still not happy about holding her still while someone pokes her with sharp needles.
But she is a very brave little pumpkin, and calmed down pretty fast, and was totally fine after a little snack. Now she is enjoying a lovely afternoon nap. The lucky duck.

Telling Mom something very important.

Totally passed out while playing. It's hard work.

In other news, the dogs are getting along pretty well for the most part. Jackman is turning into a little bit of dick though. He enjoys taking Hunter's (our foster dog's) bones and toys and hiding them on him. Jackman doesn't even eat the bones, just makes sure Hunter can't get them, and then gets mad if Hunter tries to get them back. Jackman gets put in time out a lot.

Jason is back in school for another little bit, and I'm back on the ice, doing all of the coaching. So life is good!