Monday, November 28, 2011

Time to rock out with our socks out!

If I had gotten out of bed a week ago to organize the lyrics that were rolling around in my mind, I'd have written a new song. 
It sounded wonderful to, not sure if that was true, I was exhausted, but it could have been. 

"the look in your eyes says the day had darkened skies 
the sentence in your sighs says more than words shared 
take a breath and make it count 
Each moment is a piece to the puzzle and we don't know the picture yet 
When the effort doesn't equal what you get back 
Remember life's not about the math" 

"So when the exhaustion takes you over and there's nothing left to do 
Take a breath and hold me tight 
we'll set the pieces into place and time will show the puzzles 
grown a little clearer in the morning light" 

"I can see it when you pause to think 
The questions form and reason falters 
Why does that voice continue saying it should be easier than this 
but easy doesn't satisfy and the days closing down
shake yourself back to reality and know it will be worth it" 

"The sentence in your sighs, says more than words spoken

Take a breath and hold me tight
See the night through to the other side 
The days are short and the nights are dark but let's not drift apart" 

I think if I had taken the time to write it down, it would have turned out like this.
I used to write songs and poems all the time. When the emotions just had to get out. 
During high school when every detail was all that mattered.
I found that writing my thoughts and feelings down helped me deal with the happenings and to move on.
Journaling was the main thing that kept me going. 
Letting it all out and giving my mind room to breathe and think about the constructive things.
Now I blog. So I hope you enjoy this, because this is my new... release.
I'll talk more later, I'm off to knit and fold laundry.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well, at least I won't have to worry about songs skipping.

As I sit here in my living room, built in lights twinkling on our fake Christmas tree, I've come to the conclusion that CD's are a way of the past.
I'm sure at this point most of you are going, duh.
Trust me, I switched over from a discman to an iPod years ago, but I just realized how much I really don't touch my CD collection anymore.

Recently organizing and rearranging my house, I recycled my big stereo, because well, it was useless. I haven't had an antenna for it in years, and it would take me 15 minutes to change a CD.
Now as I look at my perfectly alphabetized CD's, I'm wondering why I haven't put them downstairs in box.
I have all that music on my computer and iPod, and I don't actually have anything to play the CD's on anymore.

I will miss them though. The album art, artists notes, and printed lyrics always made the hardcopy worth it.
Now, all they do is take up space.
Oh so sad.

 And the funniest part is, CD's have become popular and then faded away in my so far, short life.

What's next? And what will I get in my stocking this year?


Thursday, November 17, 2011


In all honesty, I have NOTHING to write about.
That being said, I'm sure there's somethings I just don't feel like sharing.

So if you would like to keep up with the happenings in my life, here goes.

I've started watching Friends again.
Yes the addiction is back. I love this show, I will watch it over and over as much as I can.
The good news is, using our new dvd/blue ray player, the discs work a lot better than they did when using the xbox. So I get to see more episodes. Yay!

My knitting is coming along, slowly, but surely. I need more yarn though. Canmore trip may be necessary. (strictly putting that in for my Momma)

Recently, I've rearranged my entire house. It took a lot of work, heavy lifting, and a few touch ups on the walls.
Turns out my old dresser BARELY fits up my stairs. Yet it is possible. I'm handy with a tool set. And, Ava and I made it fit up the stairs. We're tough girls, don't mess with us.

Other than that, I've started decorating for Xmas, but my work week started again, so who knows when I will get around to finishing it.

Basically, I'm just trying to keep on writing, to keep writing. Have to keep the fingers moving.
I am working on a new article though, so stay tuned. It will be out, before the week is up!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I've been doing...

I may not be writing a lot lately, but that doesn't mean I'm sitting on the couch watching TV.
This is what I've been up to...
Jason's Socks

And when I finished those I moved on to a few other things, since I've decided to knit all my christmas presents this year.

And when I haven't been knitting, I've been quilting!

Mav's Quilt

The quilt I didn't really have a plan for to be honest. I picked out the material almost a year ago though,
and finally got around to it. It took me two mornings to put the top together and half a morning to stitch it all together. Nothing fancy, just a simple quilt to keep the little man warm.

I will be posting a few more pictures in the next couple of weeks I'm sure, just to brag about how cool I am, especially when I take my knitting out with me. :)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


To understand, I have always defined.

If I didn't know, I grabbed a dictionary. What does this word mean? How do I use it?

From then on, every thing seemed to need a place, to be defined. To be pinpointed down to its root. From there it can be built back up, reaching it's full potential and truest meaning.

But some words, some things, some emotions, are harder to define.

They don't have a clear base, no logical beginning.

What do I do with those? How do I understand?

Like standing on a cloud, there would be nothing solid, just falling through a mist. Which looked intriguing, but with nothing to grasp, it's empty in your hands.

Yet, they are natural.

When your tire of digging, and your mind gives up with searching, you fall back.

Letting all around you melt away.

And it comes to a place where anything will make sense, and one thing falls into the next.

It's simple.

By letting it be, it makes sense.

Not needing description or definition, but just by trusting.

Trust is laying on that cloud and believing it won't let you down.