Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the season for chocolate!

Chocolate everywhere!
Thanks in large part to my wonderful skating family. As much as I truly appreciate all the gifts (they give me the warm fuzzies), I think you're all in a conspiracy to fatten me up.

Skating is winding down for the Christmas break, still a few more sessions this week, then no more coaching until the new year.

Work is still going strong, as will happen when one has two jobs. I have this Saturday booked off to do some lovely last minute shopping with Cheyanne. We're crazy nuts that enjoy all the hustle n' bustle of the season.

Then I have Christmas Eve and Christmas day off, and after that I'm not really sure, I probably have a few off in the New year.

I found this gem while running some errands this morning. A cooking parody on Fifty Shades of Grey, aptly named "Fifty Shades of Chicken". I just read the first few pages in the store, and oh my goodness I had to put it down, the cover picture was enough to make me start chuckling.

As of lately, I have become a huge Pinterest fan. It is now my biggest waste of time. But I have found a lot of yummy recipes on there, and of course all the silly ecards that just make my day.

 I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, and partaking in all the wonderful festivities to round off the year.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's all good

Hubby is feeling better, and Jack is cone free and (too) full of energy.

So after last weeks craziness, lots of awesome has happened.
Friday was a relaxing day in afternoon, and in the evening Kiersty, Momma and I decorated Grandpa's tree. There was so much garland, it just kept going. Apparently Grandma had tied two pieces of really long garland together, and even taped it back together in places. She was so resourceful, and we had enough garland to go over the tree more than twice! It was also very dizzying wrapping the tree, just walking around and around and around...
It looks awesome in case you are wondering.

Saturday was a fun day in Canmore with my Momma, buying up lots of new yarn. I had run out of yarn making some arm warmers (I always run out of yarn... ) so I found a very similar colour and was able to get them finished. I tried them out today, they are quite warm and comfy.
We stopped at the candy store, where I scored three bags of gummi bears. I only eat one kind of bear, the Haribo Goldbaren. They are so fruity and yummy.
Of course we also picked up some licorice for Grandpa, our main reason for stopping at the candy store.
Saturday night was a fun work party with the City View staff. Let's just say a good time was had by all. :)

Had a fun week of coaching, the last week of the season for the majority of the Airdrie Skating Club, so games were played daily. Today I got up super early (okay, fairly early) and went and skated for myself. The good news is I can still do most of what I used to be able to do, even my double jumps.
The bad news is, ow. My muscles are already sore, and I made sure to stretch plenty today.
It's a good sore though.

Today was a superb day. Had the laundry done early, cleaned the bedroom, and did the dishes. Managed to have time to do a little bit of knitting (new socks for Jason!) and some reading.
Did some coaching, came home, made myself some supper. I tried making some fries from scratch and may have spilled a bit too much oil on the baking sheet. Oh well.
Then the fun began!
I turned on the Xmas tunes, started rockin' out and baking cookies! Snickerdoodles are my fave cookies and just so yummy and easy.
Then after all the baking was done, I cleaned  up and vacuumed because I'm also really good at making messes while baking.
Now, it's all about the relaxing and catching up on some telly.

On Monday night I was woken up by Jackman leaping onto the bed and burrowing into me while barking a Jason, coming home after midnight from the late shift. Jack's nerves become a little frayed when I go to bed and Jason's not here. So now I sleep on the couch until Jason gets home and I leave the TV on low so Jackman doesn't give himself panic attack.
Of course it doesn't help when Jason runs up the stairs after the Oh-so-brave little puppy, trying to scare him.
It's a good thing I can function on minimal sleep.

I haven't done any Xmas shopping that. I actually plan on leaving the majority of it until the last minute every year. Cheyanne and I have a shopping date on the 22nd to get everything done. It wouldn't be the holidays without the holiday mall crowd.

Well It's about time for me to fall asleep on the couch.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Healed Puppy Sitting Pretty

So many cookies.
Close up of my tree.

More of my pretty tree.
He's so focused on his ball right now, the only way I can get him to stay still.



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What a ride

What a wonderful time of year!
If anyone has been following me on facebook, you will have noticed both the hubby and the puppy haven't been up to par lately, healthwise.
Jason had a flu over the weekend, and is still a little groggy, but has been making it to work the last couple days.
Up to this point I've felt pretty good, but a lack of sleep may be getting me down a bit.
That lack of sleep would be due to my very sick puppy.

Jackman's habit of eating everything finally caught up with him, on Sunday morning he started throwing up.
By Monday he still wasn't keeping anything down, so I took him to the vet and few tests showed that he had something stuck in his stomach.
Still nothing getting better by Tuesday morning, I took Jack in for his surgery. It was pretty hard to leave him at the vet, the look I got was very heartbreaking.
When I picked him up later, he was pretty drugged up and was not yet ready to start standing, and they showed me what they found in his stomach.
Actually, they showed it to me then asked me what it was. Jack had a rope toy (the rest has been tossed out) and he ate a knot from it. The knot had started to unravel and had also started to get caught up in his bowels as well.
So now that we got that out of system, he is doing better. He was still pretty groggy all last night, and did throw up again this morning. It was probably because he drank a lot of water too fast, since now that I'm really  rationing his water he seems to be holding it down. He hasn't thrown up his pills either, so that's a plus.
He is starting to move around, but he was also neutered (he was already under anesthetic, so it was kinda a two for one deal) so with the cone around his head he is not quite himself.
The funny part is when I took him outside, he wanted to eat all the snow, so he became a mini snowplow. I had to wipe out the inside of his cone when he got inside, because he brought a fair bit of the snow inside with him.

So that is my update. I was up most of the night with Jack, making sure he wasn't throwing up all over the carpet.
Hopefully today will go smoothly, at the moment I'm mostly awake, just trying to keep myself healthy and going.
That's all for now.



He does a lot of standing and staring. "Get this off of me!"