Friday, August 8, 2014

37 Weeks

37 Weeks. Am I allowed to panic? I feel like I need to panic a little bit.
Just kidding, it's all good.
I can't believe how fast this has gone by. I thought nine (ish) months would take it's sweet time, but apparently I was wrong.

On the prepared front, the nursery is kind of coming together. By that I mean we have a crib, some sleepers and onesies (all washed and sorted by size), a few diapers, and some wipes. Pretty much all new babies need right? I do plan on having it painted before the wee one gets here, and I have the paint and everything I need, now I just need to find some time to do it. Did I say time? I meant ambition, apparently the nesting instinct isn't as strong with me.
Look at the cute little baby booties I made!

We also have a stroller, car seat, and play pen thanks to my wonderful relatives. These items are all set up around the house, hopefully so Jackman will get used to them. So far he doesn't seem to care.

Today marks one week of my being temporarily unemployed. Last Friday was my last day at the paper. I figure once baby comes, coaching should keep me busy enough. And with that said, this will be the first time since I started coaching, about 6/7 years ago, that I will only have one job. I think my time will still be quite occupied though.

In the meantime I have the month of August off to get as ready as I can for the wee one. Today I found some motivation, and managed to make a couple casseroles to freeze. And by a couple I mean a whole sh*t tonne of Chicken Divan casserole. And one Ham & Scalloped potato casserole just to mix things up.

I'm not the best cook as it is (aka easily distracted), so I figured making some meals and freezing them beforehand would be a really good idea. I think I should have enough to get me by for a while now.

I'm looking out my window as I write this and it's really hard not to notice the grossly dark clouds once again rolling into town. Thankfully my neighbourhood was one of the lucky ones yesterday when the storms rolled through. No damage here, and hopefully the clouds coming in bring nothing more than rain. During the first storm yesterday the noise of hail in other parts of town was loud enough to make it sound like the highway was going through my backyard and that was a little unsettling. But I am also glad I didn't wash my car yesterday morning like I planned on, because that would have been a waste of my time.

Well that's about all the news to share for now. But I won't let this end without a few belly pics, since they are very requested.



(PS - Hugs and thoughts goes out to everyone heavily affected by the hail, wishing you all a speedy recovery.)