Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I happen to have some free time, so I will tell you all about how our happy little family is doing.

We are doing wonderfully.

Zoe's first Christmas was magical and fantastic. Well maybe not magical, because she had no idea anything was different, except there were more twinkly lights for her to look at.
Christmas eve was spent with the Thomson clan as per usual. It was super duper loud and Zoe, who thrives in chaos (not surprising), still managed to get her nap in. She wore Christmas dress #1, which I managed to get green fabric paint on before we'd even left the house. (I made a beauty of an 'ugly' Christmas sweater... and forgot to let it dry.) But oh well, it's just a dress and it we did get pictures of her in it before the paint 'incident'.

Christmas dress #1 before the paint incident.

Christmas day started in Olds at Jason's grandparents, a nice quiet start to the morning where we made his aunt jealous of how awesome Zoe is at sleeping. I may need to start lying to people. But Zoe was once again adored and loved, and briefly wore Christmas dress #2. Briefly because of the long drive and I needed the dress to be wearable for the evening.

Zoe with Jason's Parents in Christmas dress #2.

Christmas evening was out to Grandma Edna's, to spend time with cousin Izzy. And most of the evening was spent just wearing diapers (both Zoe and Izzy) since it was so warm in the house. Not that they complained, I'm sure the freedom was well enjoyed.

Zoe being relaxed, hanging with Grandma and Papa. 

Boxing day was then spent at my parents for a bit, because hey, let's spread Christmas out as long as possible. Though this one was very casual, and Zoe got to spend lots of time with her Aunty Meg (and Uncle Austin just patted Zoe on the head because she's such a good girl).

Zoe's first Christmas was quite a big one and oh man did she get spoiled. But that of course is expected and very appreciated. She is one lucky little lady.

And so ends Zoe's first Christmas. But with many firsts right around the corner, the next year is bound to be full of excitement and joy, and I'm sure the next few holiday seasons will get better and better as Zoe figures out what is going on.

Right now our little family is enjoying some down time. We currently have a foster dog (5 year old chocolate lab) who is keeping Jackman entertained. Jason is going back to school in January for his second year electrical. And soon I will be back on the ice with all the little kids, doing a lot of playing and a little teaching.

I should make an album of the billion tries it took for us to get a picture this good. We are not picture people.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year to all of our friends and family!



Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Baby is the Best

Little Zoe is spoiling me. 
Don't worry she still has moments where she spits up all over herself, while peeing all over the change table. But for the most part she is wonderful. 
Especially when we are out and about. I really don't care how fussy she is at home (I'm lying I do care, I like sleep), but when I need to go get groceries, or help Kiersty pick out skates, Zoe will sleep right through. Hallelujah.

Sorry to all those who look forward to these posts, I didn't realize until recently how long it had been. I do have a pretty good excuse though as to why I've been so busy. :)

Soon I will have good pictures to post. I finally found my camera charger, which I have been looking for since she was born. I do have a mass of pictures on my phone, but it's just not the same as 'real' camera pictures.

In case you're wondering Zoe, Jason and I are doing quite well. Jackman is also adjusting well. For the most part he sniffs her occasionally then goes and gets his toy. He really doesn't see any use for her so isn't to concerned. And Zoe is used to all of Jack's barking which she sleeps through. The only time she doesn't sleep is when it's quiet. 
Because of that we do have a fan going at night, that I now have pointed at the wall. It was nice during the last month, but now it's too cold to have a fan blowing I think. I will have to find a new source of background noise soon.

Zoe has been more than spoiled by everyone, which we are grateful for. She has many adorable outfits that she outgrowing as I write this.

She has already spent a good portion of her time at the rink with me, but apparently not enough time. I have gone to the rink twice without her, and her presence has been requested. Everyone needs their baby cuddles and I don't blame them.

So yes, I'm back to work. I guess it's work, I've never really considered coaching work. It can be exhausting, but it's also a lot of fun. I get to build towers out of blocks and then let kids knock them down. Sometimes kids chase me around with magic wands and turn me into a frog. And I get paid for it. Be jealous.

It was super weird being away from Zoe for the hour or two I was out of the house. I had that nagging feeling I'd forgotten something. And it was weird just being on the ice again. I was pregnant for most of last season, so being on the ice not pregnant felt oddly freeing. I could move around and not be ridiculously concerned about tripping over my own feet. And I almost did fall on my arse the first day back. I wasn't doing anything, just standing, and my skate decided to slip out from under me, and I had to use the boards to catch myself. Clearly I don't have my balance back yet.

Other than that there's not much to talk about. It's regular life, but with a baby. So that means it's not regular, and everything revolves around her and whether or not she feels like sleeping, eating, or making a 'pants monster' (my code name for a messy diaper... I don't know where it came from). She is learning how to be awake a little more each day and isn't really sure how she feels about it yet. Doesn't know what to do with herself. 
And speaking of herself, what you've all been waiting for... BABY PICTURES!

Helping Mommy unwrap a present.

Cuddles with Daddy... Awwwwwweeeee


Friday, August 8, 2014

37 Weeks

37 Weeks. Am I allowed to panic? I feel like I need to panic a little bit.
Just kidding, it's all good.
I can't believe how fast this has gone by. I thought nine (ish) months would take it's sweet time, but apparently I was wrong.

On the prepared front, the nursery is kind of coming together. By that I mean we have a crib, some sleepers and onesies (all washed and sorted by size), a few diapers, and some wipes. Pretty much all new babies need right? I do plan on having it painted before the wee one gets here, and I have the paint and everything I need, now I just need to find some time to do it. Did I say time? I meant ambition, apparently the nesting instinct isn't as strong with me.
Look at the cute little baby booties I made!

We also have a stroller, car seat, and play pen thanks to my wonderful relatives. These items are all set up around the house, hopefully so Jackman will get used to them. So far he doesn't seem to care.

Today marks one week of my being temporarily unemployed. Last Friday was my last day at the paper. I figure once baby comes, coaching should keep me busy enough. And with that said, this will be the first time since I started coaching, about 6/7 years ago, that I will only have one job. I think my time will still be quite occupied though.

In the meantime I have the month of August off to get as ready as I can for the wee one. Today I found some motivation, and managed to make a couple casseroles to freeze. And by a couple I mean a whole sh*t tonne of Chicken Divan casserole. And one Ham & Scalloped potato casserole just to mix things up.

I'm not the best cook as it is (aka easily distracted), so I figured making some meals and freezing them beforehand would be a really good idea. I think I should have enough to get me by for a while now.

I'm looking out my window as I write this and it's really hard not to notice the grossly dark clouds once again rolling into town. Thankfully my neighbourhood was one of the lucky ones yesterday when the storms rolled through. No damage here, and hopefully the clouds coming in bring nothing more than rain. During the first storm yesterday the noise of hail in other parts of town was loud enough to make it sound like the highway was going through my backyard and that was a little unsettling. But I am also glad I didn't wash my car yesterday morning like I planned on, because that would have been a waste of my time.

Well that's about all the news to share for now. But I won't let this end without a few belly pics, since they are very requested.



(PS - Hugs and thoughts goes out to everyone heavily affected by the hail, wishing you all a speedy recovery.)

Friday, July 11, 2014

So many little limbs!

Anyone else ever been poked in the ribs from the inside? It's almost ticklish. The wee one was doing it's best alien impressions last night, sticking out a limb as far as it can and running it up and down my sides.
I've had a good amount of activity the whole pregnancy but it is becoming so entertaining to just sit and watch my beach ball these days.
I'm hitting 33 weeks (eeeek!) today. Tomorrow Jason and I have day 2 of baby & birthing classes to attend. We're doing the 'express' class, doing 4 Saturday's in a row, three hours each. In the first class I didn't really learn anything new, but it's nice just to be in a room full of people who are going through the same things at the same time.
Also, when Jason first saw a little doll on the table he said "I hope we don't have to hold it, because it's going to look really bad when I drop it."
So I have little comments like that to look forward to each class, and believe me, he has insights in abundance. 

Yesterday was a nice cool day so I was able to enjoy my lovely yard!

Most days I've been hiding inside the house, but yesterday I was outside for most of it, I even put in a little garden in the corner. 
I'm really quite thrilled to finally have a lawn, and the ability to landscape and play around with it and make it look awesome. And Jackman is also excited that he no longer has to worry about having his paws wiped every time he comes inside.
We've had the sod down for over a week now, and most of it is doing pretty good, the only issue is I'm pretty sure Jackman's pee is killing it in a few places. We've taken to following him around with a watering can and I'm not really sure if it's working yet, but it does seem to confuse Jack. We keep taking away his smells.

That's all to report for now.



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prego Update!

Babies make you crazy. Even before they've been hatched.
The fact that my schedule has opened up lately, does not make it any easier for me to keep track of the day. Or month. Or reality if I'm being totally honest.
I've been doing a bit of reading lately, and between that and the crazy, vivid dreams, I'm not sure who I am some days.
Thankfully one look down at the beach ball I'm growing and everything comes sharply back into focus. Except my feet. Those haven't been seen in awhile which could be why I'm prone to a missed step or two these days.
Speaking of beach balls, here's a picture.

I don't even know what one would call that face.
In other baby news all is still good. Baby is happily pushing on my bladder and ribs at the same time. On occasion it needs to press it's teeny-tiny bottom into view. I'm hitting my 29th week and feeling pretty decently. I mean, as great as one can feel while all their internal organs are being rearranged to fit a watermelon. I've pretty much sworn off pants at this point. Some may say being pregnant in the spring/summer is no fun, but I'm definitely enjoying the freedom of maxi dresses. Also my snowpants and coaching jacket no longer do up, so I'm thinking I would have some difficulties staying warm in the winter. Actually, no jacket I own does up... I just realized this. Oh well.

The baby shopping has started as we bought our first box of diapers this weekend. It was exciting, but I'm guessing diaper buying won't stay exciting for long. More exciting than diapers was a diaper bag that I purchased online. Since I don't think the baby cares about bags, it was more of a purchase for me. Well it was totally a purchase for me, because Jason won't touch it.
Isn't it wonderfully gorgeous? I definitely enjoy the retro pattern, while Jason thinks it looks quite similar to a lot of old sofas. But he has plans on getting his own 'tactical' diaper bag, which is A-ok with me.

Other than baby happenings, not much to report. Jackman is still toy-obsessed, but is also really enjoying his new kiddie pool that keeps him cool. He enjoys bringing his toys into the little pool with him, so he can pounce on them in the muddy water.

That's all for now.



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lovin' the Sunshine!

I am really happy that it's starting to be nice outside. I mean even if there is only one or two nice days a week, at least spring is here once a week. That's pretty cool.

I never claim to be technologically savvy. A computer I'm not to bad with, I can work quite a few programs at an above average level.
Phones are my nemesis though. Especially iPhones. I have a Samsung S3 Mini, so in reality I'm sure it's not so different, as they are both touch screens and have apps and yada yada. But on Monday night I tried to use an iPhone to time some pre-hockey drills. (I would have used my phone, but I had accidentally left it at home... go me).
So even though the app is pretty much the same on both phones, under the clock icon, I could NOT find it. I just sat there swiping away, panicking that I needed to find it fast to get rolling on all the testing I had to do. Thankfully the 7-year-old standing behind me new exactly where it was, and he just took over and found it for me. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's smarter than me now.

So as you can see, I'm doing really well with this whole pregnancy brain thing. Just this morning I tried leaving the house without my keys. I had the grocery bags, the thing everyone forgets, but no keys.

Above is me about a week ago around 23 weeks. I'm now at 24 (obviously), and yesterday I had my first doctors appointment at the maternity care clinic, where I met one of the doctors who might deliver the wee one. 
In case anyone is wondering I have gained a total of 7 lbs. so yes I am actually gaining weight. Both myself and baby are doing quite well. 
So far I'm pretty happy with everyone (medically) that I've met, and I am appreciating the thoroughness of the system. 
To be honest I don't have a lot questions or concerns to go in with anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the low maintenance patients, but still, I'm impressed with the friendliness and care I've received so far.

The only complaint I really have at this point is my lower back and hips are pretty sore. Mainly my hips just feel like they are falling apart, and that is an odd feeling.
Not uncommonly, sleep has started to be an issue because of shifting body parts, and I was trying to use regular pillows to get comfortable and hold myself in one position. That did not work though, as apparently regular pillows are really easy to kick off the bed and end up half way across the room. So I had to go out and pick up a body pillow and I will say it is helping a lot more than I thought it would.

On the cravings front, I'm definitely addicted to frapucinnos. It's an actual heavenly moment the first sip I take of one each day.
I'm still not craving pickles, and Jason is still waiting for me to crave pickles.

Baby is beating me up from the inside and packs quite a punch for something that weighs just over a pound. Baby also enjoys stretching full out which is one of those extremely weird/wonderful things of pregnancy.
Feel free to place any bets on the sex of the baby, because we are not finding out until it pops out.

I will take this time to wish all mother's a happy Mom's Day as it is coming up. Thanks to my Momma for the countless things she has done for me over the years! I really do appreciate everything and love you very much.

I also just realized that this time next year I will be a Mom on Mother's day... and my Momma will be a Grandma! (and if you've talked to her in the last few months you will realize that being a grandma is a huge accomplishment to her.) Glad I can help with that. :)



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

21 weeks, Over the Half Way 'Bump'

I think the title of this post is pretty cute.

Anyway it's true, I am 21 weeks preggo and I'm finally starting to look preggo!
Even though I don't look impressed in this picture, I am happy about it. I just really need to concentrate when taking pictures with my phone. Probably why I don't take selfies. Or it could be I think selfies are stupid, and a perfect example of a self(ie)-serving generation. But that's another rant for another day.

I'm definitely feeling some baby movement and it's getting more and more intense every day. I like to freak Jason out by wandering around with my belly showing, talking about the movement as much as I can. Scary for him, entertainment for me. I'm sure he'll get with the program once the wee one is here, until then, I should start hiding baby paraphernalia in his stuff. Maybe a diaper (unused, don't be gross people) in his lunch bag. That should make his day.
On the plus side, Jason is being super sweet and making me supper almost every night, even though we have total opposite schedules and diet plans. His plan is no carbs, mine is any food I want. It's working out wonderfully, because if I had to cook for myself, I'd be eating a lot more take out.

Not much in other baby related news. I have plans for the baby's room, but have done nothing to start them yet. I'll wait until coaching is over and I have more free time.

I heartily enjoyed last weekend with quite a few of the ladies from my family as we partook in a girls weekend in Canmore. Our spa day on Saturday was the most relaxing pampered time I've ever had or even dreamed of. I can't wait to maybe do another one next year.
This was the view from our balcony. Impressive right?

That is all for me today.



Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh those Monday's

Well considering I started off the day being woken by a ringing doorbell, barking dog, and then stepping in said dogs pee... it's turned out not too shabby.
Did you know they deliver parcels at 7:40 am? I did not. And if they are going to do that, I think a notice should be given. Because my house was very confused as to what was happening this morning when the doorbell rang, repeatedly. Jason almost went to answer the door in my house coat before I told him to lie back down. (Though I almost should have let it happen, but I might have had to cut it off him... now we'll never know).
Jackman, while sniffing the delivery man, managed to pee all over the floor, and I didn't notice until I stepped in it. Who can blame him though, he had also just woken up and was more confused than anyone.

The rest of the day ended up progressing smoothly. I paced myself and actually got some stuff done around the house, put the laundry away, cleaned the kitchen and rearranged everything on the counter, much to Jason's dismay. A few other things done to. Which I'll be honest, seems like nothing, but in the mornings before I go coach, I'm learning to pace myself. If I don't pace myself, I'll be so worn out by lunch that I'll want to just sleep the rest of the day.
And to be honest I did end up napping today, but it was a planned nap so it's okay.

Did some coaching this afternoon. Always enjoyable. Also enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather this afternoon. Everything is always better splashed in sunshine.

I'm very much looking forward to a girls weekend coming up. As in I sooooooo can't wait to relax and get a little pampered.

Coming up on Wednesday I will be 20 weeks in. Though you probably wouldn't know it to look at me. Both baby and I are healthy in case you are wondering, things are moving along nicely.  I am pretty sure I'm starting to feel some movements in there to. Kinda like a pulse in my uterus. It's a little weird, the good kind though.

On another side of weird, I watched my dog repeatedly scratch his ear, then smell his paw tonight. I'm not really sure how to feel about that.

It's getting close to my bed time, so I think I will leave you with that tonight.



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On another note...

I realize that my last entry wasn't as... light, as some of the other ones may have been.
So today we will take a look at the lighter side of coaching.
As many of you may know, I am expecting. (YAY)
I'm 16 weeks along in case you are keeping track.

Well being that I am a little more fragile than usual, I had to tell a few of our power skating groups to be extra careful around me. Basically to remember to use their brakes and try not to slam into me.
With that being said, most of the groups are boys between the ages of 6-12, so they aren't really aware of the birds and the bees yet.
After Lynnell (the other power coach) informed a few skaters that I was pregnant, one of the skaters looked right at me and said
"You're not pregnant."
Somewhat taken aback I responded "Yes I actually am."
"No, you don't look pregnant."
"Well, it's still early, but I am pregnant."
" I don't believe you, I don't think you're pregnant."
And that was the end of that conversation. I just said alright, don't believe me. lol

Just a week later that same kid looks at me and asks "Are you still pregnant?"
Ummm... "Yes, I will be pregnant until August."
He said okay and skated off. I guess he believes me now.

It's much easier to tell the kids to be careful around me because I'm not wearing a helmet, because they can understand that and see it.
This whole pregnancy thing, is a little bigger of a concept.

Another kid asked if I was worried about my baby just slipping out.
I informed him, that no, babies do not just slip out.
And then I quickly made them go skate before any more questions could be asked.

So there is my lighter side for the night.
I am pretty tired, and it is close to my bed time, so I will bid you adieu.



Monday, March 3, 2014

Some Parents Children

The other day, as I was heading to the couch holding a box of Cheerio's Jason stopped me and asked if I 'knew how to eat cereal the normal way'. Apparently he's not once seen me eat cereal from a bowl with milk. Always from the box.
I eased his worry, and let him know that yes, I have heard there are alternatives to my way.

In other news, some kids are designed by the devil.
The majority of kids I know, be they family, kids I teach, or other kids, they may be trying at times, but are generally just kids, doing things their own way, being a kid.
Well when a 7-year-old acts like she's a 42-year-old genius with no concept of social graces, it's easy to be convinced there are evil forces at work.
During one session today, while the little skaters were helping me clean up, I missed the beginnings of an altercation between two kids. Apparently they both went to pick up the same pool noodle, and as one went for it she stuck out her arm and tripped the other.
I was busy with a few other skaters for that moment, but I did manage to catch them both holding on the same noodle with a death grip and trying to skate away.
They eventually got up, one claimed to be tripped on purpose, the other... didn't really see what was going on, and was just happy to be collecting pool noodles.
I tried to calm the accuser by saying I'm sure it was an accident, which was my first mistake.
So before I can say much else, she drops off her noodles and skates over to her Mom. She does this a lot (A LOT), so I focus my attention on the accused. The accused listens as I tell her to be careful, and that it's not nice to go for all the noodles (they each had about four already), and that she should leave some for the other kids. She understands and skates off to do the next thing.
Problem solved right?
I wish.
Well the accuser comes back over, and says 'I have a complaint'.
Yes a 7-year-old came back to me with a formal complaint.
She 'complained' that I didn't believe her and I didn't do anything to solve the situation.
I told her that I talked to the other skater and told her to be careful, after she (the accuser) had skated away to her Mom.
Then little miss know-it-all interjects 'that I shouldn't support violence in my group'.
I'm sure you are laughing now, but at the time I was ready to unleash some unkind words.

I'm going to stop the story there, but it goes on that the accuser/complaint giver and I did not see eye-to-eye the rest of the session. When I tried explaining my side to her mom after another incident, the skater looks at me, looks at her mom and says 'she's lying.'
(The mother had very little to say, I'm pretty sure the child's evil controls the parent.)

Either way it's over now (until I receive another complaint).
And I don't like to see any skaters leave a program or be unhappy with skating, but I really, really hope she does not come back next year.

Okay that's the end of my rant. I hope someone got a little giggle out of that, and I hope one day I will to.
Just kidding, I can laugh now, it was just ridiculous. And all the other coaches laughed a lot, because, well, they don't have to teach this kid.

And that's about all there is going on with me. Well there is other stuff, but there is only so much I post online.