Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Hallow's Eve!

Welcome to my favourite holiday!
It's not technically a holiday but I'm okay with that, since my other fave is St. Patrick's Day and also not a real holiday.

Now that you know this, you'd think I would know what or who I'm being for Halloween, but I don't.
I've had many costumes over the years, the Sun, Cruela DeVille, a witch (many times over), catwoman,  and many others. But I have no idea.

Also I have no clue whether to do a couples costume or just random it up. Seeing as how I am in charge of both costumes though, I will probably do something couple-y.

I did think about dressing up as a Banana though... but that was just a passing thought.


There's snow all over the place at the moment. I enjoyed brushing my car off twice today.

I'm not very troubled by snow, you just have to dress for it and drive slower and neither of those are challenging. I dress in layers almost year round anyway so this is nothing new to me, I am cold, that is how I live.

Also Jack loves to play in the snow, and I do enjoy kicking it at him because on a leash he can't escape.
(Evil of me isn't it?)

Speaking of Evil and Jack (who's currently panting in my face), he tried to run away this morning.

To start off, he is a smart dog. He knows that when my arms are full, I will not be able to slip out the door fast enough, or stop him.

So there I was this morning, fully loaded with lunch bag, purse, coaching binder and necessities, hula hoop over one shoulder and coffee in the other hand.

Not to miss an opportunity, Jack easily sneaks past and into the snowy wonderland. He may be curious, but an adventurer he is not. He made it ten feet, had a pee, and sat down.

Last time he did this, I simply opened the car door and said car ride, then he jumped in and was trapped. Round two.

Opened the car door, Jackman went two steps, thought about it and sat back down. Apparently he has a pretty good memory.

Thankfully the dog next door barked, now distracted Jack runs back up to the house (where I'm standing) realizes what he's done and lays down and cowers, knowing I'm not impressed.

And with that, Jack is shoved in the house and I went to work. He is smart, not yet wise.


So the light at the end of the tunnel this week is a weekend off. Yay me!
It feels slightly selfish, but I took it off just because I am darn tired of working.
So I will be able to fully enjoy a Halloween party Saturday (I think it's Saturday, I should check) and a Snow Patrol concert on Sunday. I'm a quite looking forward to it.

Tonight, I shall leave with this little guy, brought to you by Starbucks on Main.

Peace&Love (&Snowmen!)


Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's a little bit chilly out there.
Good thing I'm staying home all day! Until I go coaching of course.

So I have been attempting to write, but they just keep turning into drafts instead of posts.

Coaching is in full swing right now, and by full swing, I mean I woke up yesterday already thinking about coaching. I may need a vacation.

On the ice five nights a week (and one morning). If anyone wants to donate for a new pair of snowpants that would be great, because after crawling around with the little ones, mine are taking some wear n' tear. Mostly tear at this point.

But I must confess, coaching is awesome, because of the awesome smiles, high fives and drawing on the ice.

Colourful and Wonderful.

Not much in other news. Reading through my favourite book series again, Outlander. Apparently there's a new book coming out next year so I'm rereading all seven books before that so I can just dive right in. Quite stoked, these books are a perfect escape. 

Jason and I went and saw 'Here comes the Boom' Tuesday night, and it was pretty darn funny, I recommend it for sure.

That is this moments quick update.