Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Baby is the Best

Little Zoe is spoiling me. 
Don't worry she still has moments where she spits up all over herself, while peeing all over the change table. But for the most part she is wonderful. 
Especially when we are out and about. I really don't care how fussy she is at home (I'm lying I do care, I like sleep), but when I need to go get groceries, or help Kiersty pick out skates, Zoe will sleep right through. Hallelujah.

Sorry to all those who look forward to these posts, I didn't realize until recently how long it had been. I do have a pretty good excuse though as to why I've been so busy. :)

Soon I will have good pictures to post. I finally found my camera charger, which I have been looking for since she was born. I do have a mass of pictures on my phone, but it's just not the same as 'real' camera pictures.

In case you're wondering Zoe, Jason and I are doing quite well. Jackman is also adjusting well. For the most part he sniffs her occasionally then goes and gets his toy. He really doesn't see any use for her so isn't to concerned. And Zoe is used to all of Jack's barking which she sleeps through. The only time she doesn't sleep is when it's quiet. 
Because of that we do have a fan going at night, that I now have pointed at the wall. It was nice during the last month, but now it's too cold to have a fan blowing I think. I will have to find a new source of background noise soon.

Zoe has been more than spoiled by everyone, which we are grateful for. She has many adorable outfits that she outgrowing as I write this.

She has already spent a good portion of her time at the rink with me, but apparently not enough time. I have gone to the rink twice without her, and her presence has been requested. Everyone needs their baby cuddles and I don't blame them.

So yes, I'm back to work. I guess it's work, I've never really considered coaching work. It can be exhausting, but it's also a lot of fun. I get to build towers out of blocks and then let kids knock them down. Sometimes kids chase me around with magic wands and turn me into a frog. And I get paid for it. Be jealous.

It was super weird being away from Zoe for the hour or two I was out of the house. I had that nagging feeling I'd forgotten something. And it was weird just being on the ice again. I was pregnant for most of last season, so being on the ice not pregnant felt oddly freeing. I could move around and not be ridiculously concerned about tripping over my own feet. And I almost did fall on my arse the first day back. I wasn't doing anything, just standing, and my skate decided to slip out from under me, and I had to use the boards to catch myself. Clearly I don't have my balance back yet.

Other than that there's not much to talk about. It's regular life, but with a baby. So that means it's not regular, and everything revolves around her and whether or not she feels like sleeping, eating, or making a 'pants monster' (my code name for a messy diaper... I don't know where it came from). She is learning how to be awake a little more each day and isn't really sure how she feels about it yet. Doesn't know what to do with herself. 
And speaking of herself, what you've all been waiting for... BABY PICTURES!

Helping Mommy unwrap a present.

Cuddles with Daddy... Awwwwwweeeee