Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty flowers!

 Beautiful flowers when I came home from coaching last night!
Aren't I just the luckiest. :)

There was even a delicious supper of homemade pizza, yummy!

Totally spoiled.



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boarding is awesome!

I'm such a fan of boarding, it's just so much fun.
It's also one of the best workouts I know. My arms are still sore from Sunday.
The rest of me isn't too bad though, so I probably could have gone a little harder.

Went boarding with Kiersty and Taylor on Sunday, it was quite wonderful. On the second run, Taylor lost her glove going up the chairlift. So once we were almost all the way down the hill, Kiersty and Taylor had to climb back up the hill under the chairlift.
I stayed and watched the boards, but apparently there was a lot of face planting and diving around just to get anywhere.

No injuries to speak off, and not a lot of falls. Or serious falls. Kiersty and I always fell at the same time, so sadly we never got to see each other's oops and make fun of it.
I had one good penguin slide, tried to go over a small jump and forgot that I needed to stay upright. So when I landed it was on my stomach, slid sideways for a few feet, rolled for a few more and came to a stop. Sat up and watched little kids on ski's do exactly what I was attempting to and land it. Darn kids on skis.

The only other one to speak of was a similar situation, where I actually landed, but I landed in a very rough, bumpy area, so I couldn't hold the landing too long. Taylor saw that one and said she couldn't see anything, because when I slide on my but, I make a mini snowstorm to hide it. :)
Graceful, I know.

All in all a good day. A beautiful time to be out there.



Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day in the Life

Today was a pretty good day.

I did wake up with a head ache due to sore hooping muscles in my shoulders. We did, sorry tried, hooping with two hoops last night. One hoop above head  and one around the waist. I will probably just be sticking with one hoop for a while now, I'm not quite that coordinated. If I focus on the hoop around my waist too long, the chances of the hoop in my hand swinging into my face increases drastically.

Speaking of things hitting my face, still have a sore spot from Jack's bone.

Going back to my day, I did a few creative things today, got a bit done and generally chilled. Most of the planning for tomorrow was done early this morning, which makes waking up in the morning much easier. I also drank about 6 cups of coffee. I was just in the mood for it.

Took Jackman to the park today with Amanda and Kayla, and their dogs Sterling and Vincent.
Played some frisbee and had fun snow time. Jack did wear the older dog out though, and when he got grumpy it was home time.

Snow Dog!

In eating things news, Jack is still going strong. He's even eating his own bed... oh wait. Up-to-date play by play... I just heard him munching in his sleep as he is laying beside me.
I think it's an obsession.

Coaching was interesting today. Was on the ice for half an hour in Airdrie, before we were evacuated due to what smelled like a gas leak. After rounding all the kids up and sitting in cars outside waiting for information, it turned out that for the second time this year the plainsmen zamboni was leaking propane. And that was the end of that skating session for the day.

Hubby has a five day weekend starting tomorrow. That lucky duck. Good news is he has lots of house cleaning planned. I'm excited about that. :)

I have work tomorrow, coaching tomorrow, then work Saturday. Sunday though, will be a wonderful day.

Snowboarding! Plan on getting out for the first time this season. As of now I'm taking Kiersty and her friend with me.
Kiersty originally had to work on Sunday, but upon learning I was going boarding, managed to get her shift covered in record time. Impressive actually, I've never seen anyone have a shift covered that fast. I didn't even have time to reply to her texts in between messages.
Think she's excited?

Well, now I'm tired, and I will bid you adieu.



Monday, November 19, 2012

Mmmm... Tea

Just dropped a bone on my jaw.
I was looking for Jackman's ball under the couch, and did not notice how precariously his bone was balanced on a cushion.
When I knelt down I must have pulled on the cushion because the next thing I knew was 'thunk', and then horrible pain through my jaw.
It's still sore actually, it fell right on the very top of my jaw bone about an inch below my temple. Sensitive spot.

Not a lot to tell other than that.
Busy week is busy.
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Three weeks away from a small christmas break. From coaching anyway. Work doesn't really take a break. By the way Jason't big B-day is coming up in January. It's an important one. I figure there may be a celebration in order.

Do you like commercials? I do. I find commercials quite entertaining.
One of my favourites is the Glass Masters one on the radio. Their slogan 'cracks' me up.
I don't even fast forward through commercials if I'm watching a PVR'd show on the telly. Drives both Jason and Kyle nuts. lol

Kids name are becoming stranger and stranger. Through coaching I come across a lot of different names. Names like: Ozzy, Bam, Dante, and Tee... yup, Tee. One letter spelled as it sounds.
And every time I say the name Bam I just want to double it. Too much Flinstones as kid.

That's about all for this up date. Since you are still wondering, yes my jaw still hurts.
Stupid bone.



Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toothpick Eyelid Day

Well I've been up for two hours and I'm already falling asleep.
The problem could be my alarm just went off and I've already been up for two hours.
Blame Jackman.

Most mornings I turn on the TV to the news as soon as I'm up. I did just the same today, even though I found myself drifting in and out of sleep on the couch. Then at one point I drifted back in and the TV wasn't on. Being the only one in the house aside from the puppy, I have no idea how that happened. I wasn't even laying on the remote.

Anyway 'topping' the news this morning, a Stamp's player tweeted a very inappropriate attempt at a joke.
I'm not going to type it out here, but you can go here to get to a link about it.
I agree that what was said is in very bad taste, I see why people are very upset about it. What I don't agree with is the fact that he was FINED by the CFL. Essentially they are taking his money away because he has a terrible sense of humour.

Writing the tweet he even used the hashtag #MaybeALittletofar, which clearly it was. So either he's an idiot who didn't think anything would come of it, or he is being an idiot on purpose to get attention.
I think it boils down to, his being fined for being stupid. Not that fining people for being stupid is the worst idea I've heard, thinking may become popular again if stupidity makes you poor.

What's upsetting people more is his apology or lack thereof. He regrets what he tweeted but he can't take it back, to paraphrase for him. He also mentioned something about not being able to apologize for everything. Which brings us back to, don't say stupid things, maybe you won't have to apologize so much, but he has a small point. What's done is done, he should now be aware he is not a comedian.

I understand that he is in a public position as a CFL player, and it's his responsibility to monitor what he says or puts out there, but tweeting is also not a direct part of his game.
The deal they've made out of this is a little too big. Lot's of people say inappropriate jokes and the usual response is to not laugh and say 'not cool'.
I don't know, maybe I'm rambling I haven't finished my coffee yet.

Also Jackman is afraid of the rice maker. I had to take a writing break, because he didn't know what was making little rattling, bubbling sounds in the kitchen and needed to bark as loud as possible.
My dog is a pansy. So we took a trip to the kitchen and I pointed out that it wasn't going to harm him. He seems to accept that now. He's also moved on to barking at the neighbour kids leaving for school anyway.

As usual I was rocking the tunes on my way to hooping and back last night.
My playlist of choice this time:

Sing Sing - Marianas Trench
Roller - April Wine
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher
Independence Day - Martina McBride

If there were more, I can't remember.
Probably wasn't my best singing night, since my voice was already hoarse from coaching (shouting at power skaters). I quite enjoyed it though.

Anyway I should be off to work soon. I didn't plan on working this week, but when I went in yesterday for a web seminar, I was conned into going in today. Apparently it's a busier week than anticipated.

Oh well, maybe I will get off early before coaching so I can actually get something done today.

I did vacuum my living room yesterday. I got into all the nooks and crannies and cushions, and moved the furniture around. I'm starting to think it's a man thing, because Jason was not happy I moved his chair when he came home. And then when I came back home later, he had moved it closer to where it previously was. Too funny.

I also repotted my indoor plants since they are really growing. Who new I could keep things alive so well.

That's all for me at the moment. Enjoy the sunny day!



Friday, November 9, 2012

Let me tell you about my hump day...

So Wednesday was good in a bookend sort of way. Morning coaching was very fun.
Then I treated myself and grabbed a Timmy ho's hashbrown before work. Usually I order about three (piggy little me) but they seem to be cardboard like lately. I just ordered one, and my was it delicious this time.

Then work happened. Oh, did it happen. I'm not going into detail but I was there from 8:15 until 6 and I was late for coaching. That is all on that, I'm done with it now.

Hooping was fun, really trying to figure out how to hoop around my legs. Definitely a weak point but I will get there. I'm also hitting myself in the face less so that's a plus.

Now, the drive back from hooping was a great time. I rocked to some great tunes.

On my playlist that night:
Tough Lover - Christina Aguilera (showtune from Burlesque)
5 Days in May - Blue Rodeo
No Light, No Light - Florence and the Machine
Good to You - Marianas Trench
Dream Police - Cheap Trick
One of These Nights - The Eagles
Shake it Out - Florence and the Machine
You Found Me - The Fray

If you learn anything from that list, it's that I like songs I 'think' I can sing to. I do a pretty darn good version of One of These Nights (the Eagles), by the way. Oh wait, did I say good? I meant entertaining. Very, very entertaining. Catch me at a stop light and I may be playing all the instruments.

Any how, Thursday work went well. Today I'm going to be all my lonesome on the production side of things. Scary. Don't think I've ever done that before though. I'll probably do more rocking out, listening to some good tunes while I get the paper together (Rocky View).

A whopping 15 skaters showed up for Crossfield learn to skate last night, so that was awesome. A lot of playing games, and one on one time with the little kids. So freaking cute, this one just had the biggest smile when we were 'walking' together. I was on my knees and he was... I guess you could call it skating. :) He's pretty little.

I should go to work now though. Since I have been up since 5 am. Jack doesn't under a need for sleep yet. Or my need anyway.

Happy Birthday to my Super Young and Beautiful Momma. :) Much Love.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And miles to go before I sleep...

Hello, Hello!

Speaking of insanity, this week is the definition of all things crazy and back-ass-wards.
Other than that, not so bad.

I'm full time at the paper this week, because one of the other ladies needed some time off. That means if the paper doesn't come out on time, my bad.
I was working on the 'dummy' today (the mock-up layout for all the ads) and usually it's not too bad, pretty cut and dry.
But, the only week I have to do it, it's one big mess. They keep selling late ads, which means a bunch of redoing and rearranging. It's like a big jigsaw puzzle where people keep adding pieces and saying "It's okay they will fit." Thankfully, with a little help from my boss, I got it done just in time to make it to coaching.

Coaching is wonderful as always. Planning for year end carnivals for both Airdrie and Crossfield (I coach at both clubs) is in the works already. Things are really moving along there.
There is a competition in Edmonton soon for one of my skater's, I'm really looking forward to that.

Pretty excited for tomorrow, even though I'm busy from 6:30 am until 9:30 pm (totally full plate). I have hooping tomorrow night, and since there was no class last week because of Halloween, I'm super ready to get moving again.

Can you believe it's been a week since Halloween?
This year for Halloween, since Jason was working (he did nights last week) I dressed up as gypsy and went for a drink at Smitty's lounge. It was pretty fun, lots of people and I won second prize for best dressed! Yay for new headphones.
And when I say dressed up as a gypsy, I went all out, using things I found in my closet. I have a very... eclectic closet.
It was a good Halloween as always.

The past weekend was nuts at work. I don't know what happened, but I think when the clocks went back an hour, everyone's internal clock was still the same. The rush happened an hour earlier than normal, and ho boy, did that throw us off, since we weren't quite fully staffed yet.

I would have liked to sit down and have a chat with my Grandpa, and Grandma, and Mom and Dad, but I truly did not have a second to even sip my coffee (sacrilege I know).

It's okay though because I'm taking this weekend off (again). I'm basically working every second weekend lately. But when I'm working extra hours at the paper, plus coaching, I'm going to wear myself too thin if I don't have a day off here and there.
Look, I'm learning to say no. You should be proud.

Anyway, I'm ready for bed since I have to be up at an ungodly hour.
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