Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Welcome Little William!

After much anticipation, William Hans Doiron entered this world Saturday (May 28) at 8:32pm.
He weighed in at 7lbs and is 21 inches long.

Apparently after a very relaxed last few weeks he was in a hurry to get out.
The first contraction came about 5:30pm, while we were still at Declin's birthday party. That was about the time I went home as I wasn't convinced though that it was the real deal. But by 7pm the contractions were 4 minutes apart. At this point Jason was using all his willpower to convince me that I could walk to the car.

Once we got to the hospital, the contractions were closer to 2 minutes apart, and the second I got into triage before the nurse could even check me, my water broke and I stated that I was ready to push.
So, by 8:32pm William was born, and then they finished checking us in to the hospital.

I guess when my doctor was warning me to go in at the first sign of a contraction she was serious. But in my defence, I had almost nothing in any other labour symptoms. Which was very different from Zoe.
But we made it just in time, and everyone is happy and healthy. And after 24 hrs, William and I were able to come home.

Zoe at first wanted very little to do with the new addition. Upon meeting him in the hospital and informing her that he was going to come home with us, we received a very dirty look.
She's tickling him, not attacking him, I promise.

"Ear!" Zoe is quite proud that her little brother has ears.

Zoe and William holding hands

But once he was home, curiosity took over and she seems to be quite interested in all his ears and toes. We're working on being gentle, as Zoe is fond of 'honking' noses right now, but William is not the least bit phased by her inquisitiveness.

Jason is off work for two weeks now, so we are all settling in quite nicely and enjoying our new family dynamics.

And here's an exciting game of 'find the toddler':



Thursday, May 5, 2016

36 weeks!

36 weeks and counting.
I'm officially in the last month of pregnancy with #2. And I'm still on the ice coaching.
I think it scares everyone but me. No worries, I've cut back on the amount of coaching I'm doing, and I don't try anything fancy. Both my feet stay firmly planted for the most part.

I'm feeling decently well, little bit uncomfortable here and there, baby likes to stretch sideways and make me a little lopsided. When I compare my first pregnancy photo's with these ones, I've decided I need to start smiling more in these ones. Zoe must be wearing me out, because whenever I do remember to take a picture, I really don't look impressed. But I am enjoying it, and even as I'm typing this, it's so comforting to feel all the squirms and stretches going on.

Zoe had a nice relaxing day inside today as the last few days have been so nice we've spent them mostly outside, and a lot of time at the farm.
Jackman is very willing to share his kiddie pool with Zoe, and they both have lots of fun creating muddy, wet, grassy messes.

Zoe is also quite the linguist these days, trying new words all the time. Not all of them makes sense, but she is opinionated. (and no one is surprised)
She is growing up ridiculously fast, as she has had at least one pee on her potty four days in a row. I'm not really prepared for it, since the new little one is about to be a big change, but we're going to roll with it for now and see if it keeps going.

Not too much else to report for now, things are busy as usual, and that's just the way we like it. :)

Zoe is a big fan of stickers. They're fun to put anywhere. 

She threw most of the toys out and then just climbed in. Because it's more fun this way.