Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes

I'm not one to watch a lot of TV, just the really good shows on the good TV nights. I didn't even watch the Golden Globes last night.
But I can judge what they were wearing, and check out all the pretty (hopefully) dresses.

Anne Hathaway wore Giorgio Armani Prive
-Just stunning. I love the deep back in this, she looks ravishing in it.

Halle Berry wore Nina Ricci
-As hot as she is, this slightly resembles a corset with a cape attached wrong, not her finest moment.

Christina Hendricks wore Romona Keveza
-Bombshell of a dress, with her red hair, red lips, and pale skin, this look is dangerous.

Tina Fey wore L'Wren Scott
-The colour looks great and the cut at the top is extremely flattering, but I'm not sure the skirt of the dress is working.

January Jones wore Versace
-She looks great in this dress, but I've never been a fan the cut out tops that are all strappy and toga-esque.

Angelina Jolie wore Atelier Versace
-Well I don't like Angelina, and this dress does not flatter her. Even if I was on her side, the dress is Grandma's closet of mermaid clothes. 

Natalie Portman wore Viktor & Rolf
-This is dress is amazing and it looks even better on her.

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection
-Simple, elegant, once again I love the dropped back, this is lovely.

Heather Morris of "Glee" (not sure who she wore)
-The pose I'm looking at is not attractive, but the dress is pretty. Hopefully that keeps her going.

Kyra Sedgwick in Emilio Pucci
-I think there's way to much going on here in the texture and flow department. It's a nice dress but I think it's too big for her frame and the colour washes her out a little. 

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen
-Always one to turn heads, beautiful as always.

Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab
-I do like the dress, the detail is brilliant, and even though she is pale, the nude tends to compliment her.

Diana Agron wore J. Mendell
-Very simple, yet red carpet perfect, and nicely adorned (necklace is gorgeous).

Hope Davis wore Bibhu Mohapatra
- I'm not sure what happened here, this could have been a lovely dress, the colour is beautiful but I think they took the draping one step to far. That and she should have better posture.

Olivia Wilde wore Marchesa
-This is way to prom dressy. Not really a solid effort for the red carpet, it needs less flash and more class.

Piper Perabo
-Black is a daunting colour but she pulls it off well, although the cut could be a little more flattering in the hip area.

Edie Falco wore Valentino
-Understated and it works.

Kelly Osbourne wore Zac Posen
-I'm not sure if it's the way she's standing but I feel like the dress is taking away too much from her. Nice but overpowering.

Elizabeth Moss wore Donna Karan
-It could work if something were done to the middle section. It looks saggy. But the colour is beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence wore Louis Vuitton
-I like the dress she looks good, but I'm still debating on whether or not it's appropriate for the event.

Heidi Klum
-As much as I don't understand it, I can't help but love this look, it's so her. It looks like cotton candy bohemian beach party, but it's great.

Mandy Moore
-This is the whole prom dress issue again. 

Here ends my judgment on what I think is worthy of the red carpet.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Please leave all overcoats, canes, and top hats with the doorman."

Pop culture has always been known for influencing fashion. The Beatles were a famous group this. Everyone wanted to look like them.

Even though many things have an influence on fashion these days, such as economy, beliefs, geography, and culture; Pop Culture is by far the most influential.

Apparently some TV shows in Briton have created a top hat trend. To be worn with a (suede) suit jacket and jeans. This isn't the first time this trend has been around the block though, and it most likely won't be the last.

I'm a fan of this though. I do enjoy a well-dressed man. By enjoy, I mean, attractiveness can go up by as much as 3 points on the 1- 10 scale, if a guy is wearing clean, properly fitting apparel. It shows when you take the time be easy on the eyes, and it should pay off as well. I don't mean spend an hour in front of the mirror, I just mean spend some time in front of the mirror at least.

As far as trends go, everyone wants to look like their idol, or role model do they not? In Canada that usually means donning a jersey with your favourite players name on the back, but that's not so much a trend or even pop culture, that's just ...culture.

Canada hasn't ever started too many trends, fashion wise, I think it's too cold for that . When we spend most of the year bundled up it's hard to really care what you're wearing as long as you keep your extremities from freezing off. Even looking around the classroom now, it's not uncommon for people to continue to wear their toques, hats, or scarves inside.

The 2010 Winter Olympics did start the red mitten craze though, hence the need to keep our extremities from freezing off.

It all leads to the age old fashion questions is it better to be practical or fashionable, or can you be both?



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Been Slacking Off

Well the holidays are done and a new year has begun.
I'm quite excited for the upcoming year, so hopefully with a little luck and hard work everything will turn out well.
I'm not one to really make resolutions but my plan is too keep everyone up to date a little more.
Both blogs will continue as planned.

Happy New Year!