Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm not under a rock, I promise

Hey I'm back!
I didn't go anywhere, but just a little M.I.A for awhile. No reason.
I wish I could give you a reason, but it's mainly just that well, nothing too exciting.
Aside from this TEAPOT COZY I just finished knitting!

Isn't it beautiful? The first teapot cozy I've ever knitted.

Yes I'm that cool. On another note. I'm not working a lot. I only have one job. I can't wait until coaching starts again.

Jason and I have a Mexico trip planned for September, and I'm pretty excited about that.

Saw the movie Pacific Rim tonight and I was very impressed. Definitely give it a go. Also it was a pretty empty theatre at 4:30 in the afternoon which was lovely.

In case you are wondering the house is still wonderful. Even more wonderful on the outside, now that we have a driveway, sidewalk and our rock trim done. It no longer looks like it's under construction.
The picture is a little crappy because of the happy sunshine beaming on my house, but look at that!
We may still have a dirt yard, BUT it is graded now, which means it comes up to the back steps and I no longer have to jump down them.

Um, and I think that's it. Jackman is still cute and so far hasn't been chewing on things lately.

That is all for now.