Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Do you believe what you are saying?"

The only problem with it snowing, is Jackman wants to go out and play in it... constantly.
Other than that, it's beautiful.

So this morning while cruisin' the internets and drinking my coffee I've seen pictures of pizza and chocolate cake.
All I want is pizza and chocolate cake. I haven't ate anything yet and I'm already disappointed with any other food I'm going to have today.

I decided to clean my house yesterday so it wouldn't bug me the rest of the week. It looks great. I dusted, did the dishes cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the main floor/stairs/upstairs/, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms and did the laundry. I'm pretty proud of myself. Oh and I took out the garbage. I have to say, that was a very productive morning.

Now I don't have the will power to even go put clothes on yet. I might have used all of my productiveness up in one day. Oops.

Our neighbours moved out recently. Actually they fled. Apparently they left two trailer loads of sh*t behind to clean up (the poor landlords), and now they have to FULLY renovate the place to make it rentable again.
I had an idea it was messy, but the neighbour was pretty nice so I'm a little surprised. Though it was a single dad with between 4-6 kids. And a rotating door of roommates/babysitters. At any given night I think there was upwards of 7 people living in that house. Plus a big dog. Quite a modgepodge of just everything.
But now that they're gone all the construction going on next door is a little loud. The walls are so paper thin I feel like they're tearing down our place half the time. And I'm definitely a fan of the table saw on my front porch. I narrowly missed walking out my door while it was being used yesterday.
Can't wait to have a place with a little more privacy. Soon. And a yard. Jack needs a yard. (As I typed that Jackman actually came and sat on me because I was ignoring his request to go frolic in snow). Really needs a yard.

I think it's time for me to start getting ready for work. Or at least go start my car. Fun Fact for the day: I'm too short to brush of my Escape. Yup.



Monday, February 11, 2013


I am very conflicted on how I feel about Monday's.
On one hand, this was my only sleep in day this week, so that's awesome.
On the other hand, it's still Monday...

It is super nice outside today, so Jackman and I took advantage of it and played at the park.
Last time we went and it was really cold out, there were a bunch of people and pups there. Today, there  was just me and Jack.

I had a little sit down, enjoyed the weather, and made sure to soak up a little of the sunshine. Jack lost the ball we brought, but found two new balls. I would say we both had a pretty good time.

Now Jack's passed out and sleeping, and I'm off to start another week of coaching. In all fairness, I think he has the better deal.

I may write more later, so stick around.

At the park...

After the park. :)