Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I happen to have some free time, so I will tell you all about how our happy little family is doing.

We are doing wonderfully.

Zoe's first Christmas was magical and fantastic. Well maybe not magical, because she had no idea anything was different, except there were more twinkly lights for her to look at.
Christmas eve was spent with the Thomson clan as per usual. It was super duper loud and Zoe, who thrives in chaos (not surprising), still managed to get her nap in. She wore Christmas dress #1, which I managed to get green fabric paint on before we'd even left the house. (I made a beauty of an 'ugly' Christmas sweater... and forgot to let it dry.) But oh well, it's just a dress and it we did get pictures of her in it before the paint 'incident'.

Christmas dress #1 before the paint incident.

Christmas day started in Olds at Jason's grandparents, a nice quiet start to the morning where we made his aunt jealous of how awesome Zoe is at sleeping. I may need to start lying to people. But Zoe was once again adored and loved, and briefly wore Christmas dress #2. Briefly because of the long drive and I needed the dress to be wearable for the evening.

Zoe with Jason's Parents in Christmas dress #2.

Christmas evening was out to Grandma Edna's, to spend time with cousin Izzy. And most of the evening was spent just wearing diapers (both Zoe and Izzy) since it was so warm in the house. Not that they complained, I'm sure the freedom was well enjoyed.

Zoe being relaxed, hanging with Grandma and Papa. 

Boxing day was then spent at my parents for a bit, because hey, let's spread Christmas out as long as possible. Though this one was very casual, and Zoe got to spend lots of time with her Aunty Meg (and Uncle Austin just patted Zoe on the head because she's such a good girl).

Zoe's first Christmas was quite a big one and oh man did she get spoiled. But that of course is expected and very appreciated. She is one lucky little lady.

And so ends Zoe's first Christmas. But with many firsts right around the corner, the next year is bound to be full of excitement and joy, and I'm sure the next few holiday seasons will get better and better as Zoe figures out what is going on.

Right now our little family is enjoying some down time. We currently have a foster dog (5 year old chocolate lab) who is keeping Jackman entertained. Jason is going back to school in January for his second year electrical. And soon I will be back on the ice with all the little kids, doing a lot of playing and a little teaching.

I should make an album of the billion tries it took for us to get a picture this good. We are not picture people.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the new year to all of our friends and family!