Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm not insane, I'm a Mom

I'm surprised people let me out of the house some days.
Even as I'm writing this, I'm wondering if I should post, because the words aren't flowing very well, and I have to keep backspacing some really bad typing.

William, thankfully, is usually a good sleeper but for a few nights in a row this week he decided that he was starving. So going onto day three of sleep deprivation, I ended up standing in an elevator, finger hovering over which button to press, for a good minute. The sad part is, it was a building with two floors, so I only really had one option. The other coach with me had to tell me which button to press.
And the best part is, they still let me on the ice, and trusted I knew what I was talking about.

As a mom though, I do enjoy my me time, and even though I should be sleeping right now, since it seems William went down early, *touch wood*, I'm not. I am sitting here, loving the fact that at this moment, no one desperately needs me. And that is so fantastic.

Along with Cheerios and stickers, Zoe's other most used decorating tool is a marker. I decided to be a free spirit the other day and let her have some markers that she received for birthday. Washable my arse. The second I turn away to look at William, she draws on herself. Of course, she's only two, so it's really not surprising. The fact that she bit the tip off one marker was a little more surprising. I thought she had passed the stage of tasting her colouring supplies. I thought wrong. Until I was able to get around to cleaning her up, she looked like the Joker for a bit, with red marker smeared across her cheek. I found it mildly entertaining.
For the time being, the markers have been put out of sight, until another rainy day.

The Rubiks cube has also been put away, as Zoe 'showed' it to William by shoving it under his face while he was having tummy time. Poor kid. He seems to be in a real hurry to become mobile and I truly don't blame him. The ability to defend himself against his well-meaning sister would really come in handy.
Big Bill and Little Billy

He's not far off though. He'll be 4 months next week, and already he can roll across the living room floor. He loves being propped up to sitting, as well as practicing his standing. Since he came out longer than his sister and is growing steadily, my thought is that he is hoping to use his size to intimidate her. Best of luck, but I don't see that happening, Zoe is afraid of nothing.
Zoe can also climb like a monkey so height means nothing to her.

She managed to use her tricycle to climb into the bottom of the double stroller the other day, and then up into the top seat. Of course she did all this while I had my back turned, cleaning up the plant she knocked down. It was clearly a diversion tactic.

Impressive that she managed to maneuver everything just so.

Not a lot else to report, just the usual antics of parenthood.

Jason will be starting school on Monday, and our Nanny (Kelsey), is working out quite well. The kids have both really taken to her.
Now that William is starting his move into mobility, Jackman has taken more notice of him and likes to give him kisses.



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