Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Victory is mine!

I feel like a small celebration is in order. Zoe is down for a nap.

Nap time has not been so easy peasy as of late. Yesterday I let Zoe just hang out in her room for quiet time (which I hoped would turn into nap time, because I like to dream big). After 45 minutes she started knocking on her door so I opened it.
She announced she was "All Done" and strolled out totally nude.

Wearing clothes is another thing Zoe isn't fond of lately. She has become surprisingly efficient at removing them.
The other day she came up to me just wearing pants, so I told her to go find her shirt and put it back on. She said okay and walked back to find it. Or so I thought.
She came back up to me a minute later with no shirt AND no pants, but thankfully, her pull-up remained on. Later when I found her pants, they had gained a mysterious wet spot. And mysterious it remained, because like all other unknowns, the washing machine usually takes care of it.

If you ever see my kid running around naked, there is a good chance I did dress her once, possibly three times that day, but at some point I gave up. Because as far as I know, it's frowned upon to tape your kids clothes on. But not illegal right?

Her words are getting better, she's almost at sentences. Common phrases are 'What happened?", "All done", and "Found it."
There's no asking why around here, as Zoe thinks she has everything pretty figured out. "Right there" and "Come on", being two more of the mini bosses commands.

She does love her brother though. She's not terrible at sharing and does try to entertain him when he's crying or in his exersaucer.

William is a whopping 6 months old now. He's pretty pro at sitting up, and does enjoy feeding himself crackers. He also really loves Jackman and watching him play fetch. No teeth yet, but if I had to judge by the amount of chomping, I'd say he's getting close.

Both kids and myself have had a cold for the past week, and are pulling through it just fine. Though it did make some of the nights a little harder and we moved Williams swing into our room for a bit just to get some sleep.

In non-kid news Jason has about 3 weeks left of school and I have about 3 weeks left until Christmas break. It's been a bit hectic the last couple months, so we may start counting down days soon.

I've started putting up Christmas decorations, but it's really just more things for Zoe to play with. And right now, anything that falls on the floor and can be crumpled, is obviously garbage, so that's where she puts it.
One day I will appreciate her tidiness, until then, everything I just had and can't find, is probably in the garbage.

That is all for now.

"But Mom, he's in my chair."

Hanging with Great Papa at Swiss Chalet. What else do you do on a Friday?
At dance class
Mmmm, crackers!

Chilling with JJ, drinking some juice.



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