Monday, September 5, 2016

Long time coming...

I've tried and tried again to write this post in the last few months.
Most times I don't get past the first line, and sometimes I open a new draft, laugh, and shut my laptop.
This one I actually got half way through three days ago, and then needed a break.

So if anyone is wondering things are going along quite well over here.

William has started sleeping through the night, so yay! Though I'm sure I jinxed it right there. The little man is a funny one. He's definitely a good baby, much like Zoe, but in no way is he like Zoe.

I've been lucky to spend lots of time with him this summer, and we've developed a lovely bond. And by that I mean he doesn't like bottles. Zoe took a bottle (even from me) like no big deal. William eventually takes one, but he does let you know first that he is not happy about it.

Other than that, he is a super happy little guy. Loves to chat and squirm about. "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" can almost make him giggle. I never found the humour in it, but apparently he gets it. He is getting close to rolling over, and enjoys sucking on blankets and his bottom lip.


Zoe is very enthralled with her little brother. When she is not trying to feed him rocks or claim everything as hers, she can be very thoughtful. The other day when he was fussing in his swing and I was getting ready for our walk, she found a toy of his and gave it to him, along with his blanket. But then later she woke him up, by taking his blanket. It's very give and take around here.

Zoe turned two last Monday, and then had lots of fun on Saturday celebrating her birthday. We lucked out with some nice weather and it was a fun day for all. Zoe was of course spoiled rotten by everyone.
Present helpers

Birthday girl
Also, Zoe has started potty training. Well, we had a loose start a while back, but now we are heavy into it.
In my defense, she's shown a lot of interest and I really didn't want to miss an opportunity. So far all I've learned is that it's much easier to potty train a dog than a child. And Jackman still pees on the floor when he gets excited so hopefully Zoe will learn from his mistakes.
In case anyone feels envious of the awesome times at my house, William had two blow out diapers, and Zoe pooped beside her potty (so close!) just this day alone.
If anyone has potty training tips, feel free to pass them on, because I will take all the advice I can get.

Since Kiersty has taken off to Lethbridge this year, and screwed us over for childcare (just kidding, best of luck to Kiersty), we have hired a nanny for when I'm coaching. Tomorrow will be her first day, and we are all pretty excited.

In non-child related news (we have some of that!) Jason is going back to school at the end of this month, for his last year (electrician). I'm sure he's going to ace it, like he does every time.

And in less than a week my fabulous cousin Kim will be getting married, so I'm really looking forward to that awesome time. And there will be relatives here to visit and catch up with, which is always fun.

Other than that, not much to talk about. I could ramble on about the little ones forever, but how about some pictures instead.

Trying to get pictures of the kids together... maybe in a few years.

Mom, I think I'm muddy.

I was lucky enough to have some lovely flower beds this year, that didn't get hit with hail.



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