Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baby #2 is Due!

Yes, Baby Doiron #2 is due to arrive May 30, 2016.

For most people this is not news (I'm never asking anyone I know to keep a secret. lol), but for a few of you it may be.

And this news makes me 19 weeks and counting.

So far this pregnancy is similar to the last one. The first trimester was a blur of nausea  (aka: all the freakin' time sickness), and utter exhaustion. I remember being pregnant with Zoe made me tired. But being pregnant and chasing Zoe, makes me really tired.
Seriously, the kid can move.
But, I'm feeling much better these days, and just like last time, we are going to wait to find out the sex of baby #2. Keeps life interesting.

Enjoying her rocking chair from Grandma & Grandpa Doiron.
And since it's been so long since my last post (my apologies, I was busy with that whole life thing), here are some Zoe pictures!
They're really not great and there aren't a lot, but again, with the moving.

Dressing herself after Christmas supper.
Playing with her farm legos from her Uncles.

In other family news, Jason has finished the 3rd year of his electrician apprenticeship, with awesome marks I might add. Way to go Jason, only one more year!
And Jackman is still Jackman. He enjoys going out to the farm on Monday's when my parents babysit Zoe, and the rest of the time he spends bringing me toys or things that used to be toys.
Sharing her Cheerios with Jackman.

And that's all for us for now.




  1. I love reading your blog!!!! Congratulations by the way. And I miss you both!!!!! Lots of love!!